Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 31

Features: ■  halo built on top of the building provides a screen for A the mechanical structures on the building’s roof. ■ M  ore than 300 LED lights light up the halo at night and can change color to coincide with different celebrations or holidays. ■  row of shades below the halo are set at a specific angle A to either block or allow more sunlight into the building depending on the time of year. ■ T  he building uses the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) ambiance system that utilizes Freon to cool the air and is the biggest system in the state of Utah. ■ ■  Each office has occupancy sensors that shut off lights and maintain a conservative temperature when the room is unoccupied. ■  he lights in the building are equipped with daylight T sensors that dim the lights according to the amount of natural light coming into the building. The Future: There are 330 separate VRF boxes that can control  the climate of about 50 square feet of office space. Each box has its own thermostat, so inhabitants can change the temperature in their space without affecting the whole building. Phase two will be completed in spring of 2015 and will add an additional 220,000 square feet to the campus, including a processing and bottling plant and will-call facilities. ● www.doterra.com 31