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“At first my husband called me a voodoo witch doctor, but he quickly saw that the essential oils were effective. Once he saw my passion for this, he got onboard and supported me.” 1 Di a mond Ti pS 2 3 Do the magic formula: sharing, Don’t underestimate structuring Never give up. Know it’s attainable. following up, holding classes, your team properly. It’s a huge part of The habits that got you to each rank educating new Wellness Advocates, helping you and your downline. before will get you to the next. From her past sales experience, Christy get overwhelmed. “When they come to see that it’s a viable business.” She’s knows that people don’t want to be a class, we empower them and educate seen people who have no time for a sold, they want to be served. She says, them so they gain confidence to use business still sharing and buying sample “If you can serve them in a way that they essential oils.” and duplicating yourself. know that you genuinely care, then the success will come. Our products change lives. We help people get what they need.” She has found that many people It’s when the products become their new normal that people organically begin to share. “I have had very few people want to go straight into the vials, because they know how much they can help others. Christy has found great fulfillment in her dōTERRA business. She says, “When are looking for an alternative for their business—I didn’t want to go straight I see dōTERRA changing lives for the health care, but when they walk into a into the business—but as the oils better, it makes every bit of the hard health food store for the first time, they become their new normal, then they work completely worth it.” www.doterra.com 27