Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 21

“What you focus on expands. When I started focusing on my business, it started to grow and there was no stopping it. If you’re one foot in and one foot out because you don’t believe you can do it or it’s not a priority, then you will probably stay stuck. You have to focus.” children. She hit Silver in a few months and within nine months was Diamond. Melody didn’t believe at first that hitting Advertising to Business Owners Diamond would be possible for her. She says, “I thought that was something only the top 1 percent could do. It was when I saw the regular stay-at-home moms around me start to hit Diamond that I realized I could do it too. I understood that dōTERRA isn’t like other network marketing companies— anybody who wants to make money in this business can.” Today, she is motivated to show her team how they can hit Diamond as well. She knows someone is ready for I targeted alternative medicine business owners. I definitely also want to help mothers, but mainly I found it important to target people that were like-minded. I did practice management for alternative medicine practitioners prior to dōTERRA, so I went to these clinics and put up sign-up sheets for my classes. I developed a new patient marketing system for chiropractors using the medicine cabinet makeover. I also developed an essential oils and chiropractic brochure with Dr. Martha Nessler. the business opportunity when the products have become a part of their lives. She says, “When someone feels like it’s their lifestyle they’re sharing instead of a product they’re pushing, then they are a lot more likely to succeed in the business.” When people are trying hard and failing to progress, Melody knows it’s their belief system that is limiting them. It is these limiting beliefs that she has to help them overcome. Melody is grateful that because of dōTERRA she has time to spend with her kids and has developed important leadership skills. She is also grateful that she didn’t let her difficulties in life get in the way of her success. “It’s OK that I went through some harsh life circumstances, because it taught me how to persevere, to choose my future, and to not be a victim of my circumstances. No matter what happens, you can still be successful.” Melody with her new husband, Walter, and their combined family of five children. www.doterra.com 21