Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 19

Today, their team includes two other sisters, a brother, and their mom. Rebecca says, “It’s fun to be able to work with family and help each other out. It’s an advantage for us because we don’t have to be good at everything. Somebody is going to be good at something, so we just band together.” Jeanette supported Rebecca by traveling, teaching, and enrolling, and Rebecca took care of the follow-up while her little kids were asleep. Do 1 2 Rebecca and her sister built with the intention of growing big, and they made sure to be open with everyone about their intention. “I found my top three builders within my first week. I was actively telling people, ‘This is what we’re looking for. This is our plan. Do you want to join us?’” They look for leaders who are consistent and ready to learn and improve themselves. She says, “They have to look forward and put in the effort to develop themselves into a person who is a Diamond.” As a mom, Rebecca is glad that she was able to find a way to help her family be healthy and share with others. Because she had no prior business experience or medical background, she knows she is proof that any average person can be successful with dōTERRA. She says, “I love being able to teach and help people and change their lives. I really love what I do.” 2 Things Every Day Personal development. “Read the books that your leaders tell you to read. Do what they tell you to do, because they have your best interest at heart.” Be consistent. “There are little things that are easy to do and easy not to do that make all the difference in whether or not you’re successful. This stuff is v