Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 18

ND R R O dōTE Brian & Rebecca Gillespie S NEW NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS A DIA M Allen, TEXAS, USA Determination and Commitment R ebecca Gillespie was originally introduced to dōTERRA essential oils while living with her family in Switzerland. She really liked them and bought several kits, but found herself using them only occasionally. It was a couple years before she got a call from her sister, Jeanette Fransen, asking Rebecca to join her in building a dōTERRA business. Rebecca agreed, mostly out of a desire to help her sister. Her husband, Brian, gave her his full support, and the sisters started building. They taught their first class without ever having been to a class, and they enthusiastically shared with everyone. They made lots of mistakes along the way, learning as they went. Rebecca says, “We learned that you don’t necessarily need someone holding your hand the entire way to be successful. You need to put yourself out there and be willing to make mistakes. You only have to make a mistake once to learn from it.” They learned that a successful class includes eliminating distractions and presenting yourself as a professional in the way you look and act. Rebecca also recommends practicing holding classes beforehand. She says, “Practice doing it, and keep doing it often enough that it becomes really easy. Nothing becomes easy before it’s been hard.” “All I have is determination and commitment. If you have those things—which anyone can—you can be successful.” 18 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I FALL 2014