Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 15

It doesn’t matter if there are two people or 20 people at a class, a successful class means that you connected with the people there, cared about them, and shared something valuable with them. — Farrah this and it was the right timing for us. teaching, while Brett became the expert people of high integrity and ethics and We both knew we could do it.” on all things business. so we pursued them. Because they It was a transition to have Brett at Their core leaders have been their home and to figure out his place in the biggest support. Brett says, “They push business. Farrah had been a stay-at- us to become better so we can turn home mom for 16 years and now was around and teach them how to be Because of dōTERRA, the Collvers have working and traveling, while Brett had better. They want us to be their leaders confidence that they can make their a lot more time at home to be involved and they keep pushing us higher.” They dreams a reality. Farrah says, “We now with their children’s schoolwork and have enjoyed being able to pick who have the tools and the vehicle to do it. activities. Over time, they developed they work with and have developed When your dreams are in view and you their own roles in dōTERRA. Farrah strong relationships with these people. can actually accomplish what you want maintained the role of contacting and Farrah says, “Our leaders emerged as to—it’s a happy place to be in.” were people that we admired, we put a lot of effort into building relationships with them.” H ow to B uild a Strong B usiness 1 Don’t get caught up with rank 2 Don’t be in a race to get there 3 Build steady and sustainable 4 Fortify what you build 5 Treat your people right 6 Be ethical www.doterra.com 15