Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 13

“I positively recommend the dōTERRA business to others because I see how satisfied dōTERRA customers are.” How to Build a Successful Business “To succeed, you should build a system that helps others succeed.” 1 Establish your own dream and vision. 2 3 4 5 6 List people you can share your experience with. Meet them and tell them your story. Encourage them to try the products. Invite them to business seminars to share the business opportunity. Become educated on the products, business, marketing, and leadership. recognizing each other’s improvements He also holds regular business seminars He says that reaching Diamond was just and working together as a team.” to share the business opportunity with one part of his ultimate goal to make people. At these seminars, leaders essential oils a part of every family’s inform attendees about the company, lifestyle. He says, “If you want to become products, compensation plan, and Diamond, you first need to help your vision of dōTERRA. He says, “People team members succeed. Have a specific want to be motivated and satisfied with goal and work toward it every day. the products and the business. Before Dreams do come true.” Jung Hoon makes sure to regularly communicate with his team. He evaluates where they are at in achieving their goals, discusses how they can improve and do the business better, makes a weekly and monthly business plan, and talks about the support and help they need. they master them, they need your experience and help.” “Leaders need to have initiative and passion. They are proactive in education and training and always work hard.” www.doterra.com 13