Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 11

Team Support: The Flashlight vs. Laser Beam Approach Flashlight: “I was shining a flashlight over my whole team in a major way. This is powerful and it can penetrate and heal as we explore together, but you also need to focus your energy.” Laser Beam: “You need the laser beam effect to focus in on specific people in your team who need help. When I did that with one of my team members, she got to Silver in six weeks. Being laser-focused gave us stronger legs and a more stable structure.” The Browns know they would be The Browns feel that they are no different Today, their lives are changed, and they nowhere without the support of their from anyone else, and sometimes laugh are better people because of dōTERRA. team. Brenda says, “They have such to think they are Diamonds. Brenda says, They are grateful to be a part of a company awesome strengths and hearts. We are “We all start at the same place. Anyone that they believe in. Steve says, “dōTERRA really blessed to have the leaders that can do exactly what we have done. has always handled everything with the we have. They are all so different. It’s You don’t have to be extraordinary. utmost integrity, and I’m pleased to be kind of like the beam in a house holding No matter where you’re at in life, this a part of something that I’m not at all up the roof. They are what supports us.” is a natural fit for everyone.” ashamed of. I have confidence in the company that I’m with, and I enjoy that.” I don’t think we’ve done anything special that other people can’t do. We’ve just kept our nose to the grindstone. –Brenda “I had been looking for an investment to make, and I decided to make it in Brenda. It was the best investment I have ever made in my life.” –Steve www.doterra.com 11