Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 10 - Page 101

you are in business for yourself , but you are not in business by yourself . A s we journey down this path of creating a business with dōTERRA, there will be times when everything just flows smoothly—your classes are full, your team members are motivated, and the enrollments just flow in. It’s easy to stay enthusiastic when your dōTERRA business is growing in this way. However, there will also be times when no one shows up to your class, when your team doesn’t seem to want to do anything, or that several of your planned oneon-one consultations fall through. That’s simply the ebb and flow of life. When it happens to you, take a moment to acknowledge that you have a right to feel discouraged, upset, frustrated, or however else you might be feeling. That feeling is justified, so take a moment to honor it. Then let it go. Take a really deep breath, exhale…and let it go. Intentionally shift your focus. Focus your attention on what is working or the successes that you have had so far. Use the emotion of gratitude to find all the good stuff in your journey. Sit down and make a list of all the things that dōTERRA has brought into your life that you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how long your list is. One of the most comforting things that I have ever heard at a dōTERRA event was the idea that “you are in business for yourself, but you are not in business by yourself.” To me, that means that there is a wonderful support network all around you that can help you through those tough moments. That great support—from corporate, from account managers, from your upline, or from your crossline—is what makes dōTERRA such a great company to work with. Whenever you start feeling discouraged, it’s so good to know that there are so many people to talk to about what you are experiencing and get their support. After you’ve made that list, you’ll start feeling better, because it will show you all the good that dōTERRA has created in your life so far. To build on those positive feelings, spend time reading a good book or a watching a video that inspires you. Consider creating a personal guided visualization of how you would like your life to be. Include all the biggies: relationships, spiritual life, personal development, your dōTERRA business, as well as your health and physical wellness. Write out your visualization, record yourself reading it, and then listen to that recording once a day. It’s simple, but incredibly powerful. Here’s the interesting thing you’ll discover: everyone has been there. Everyone doing this business has had moments when it’s been difficult, perhaps moments when they even felt like throwing in the towel. Just knowing that can be comforting. I remember listening to a webinar with Justin Harrison right after I had travelled to teach a class where only one person showed up. During this talk he mentioned that he had recently hosted a class in his home and no one had come. For me, knowing that even someone as successful as Justin Harrison has had that experience reminded me that it was OK, and I could still be successful. Next, intentionally spend time just soaking up as much dōTERRA culture as you can. Watch videos and webinars, attend team meetings, listen to podcasts or recorded training calls, attend convention, Elite and Premier retreats, and corporate events. There are numerous opportunities to soak up dōTERRA culture and business knowledge. This is probably the easiest way to learn this business—sheer repetition. By doing this, you’ll also magically learn the words to best present the dōTERRA business opportunity to someone, to best share the oils, to best create value for dōTERRA products, to encourage your new team members, and to grow and inspire others. Another tip you will hear over and over when you talk to people who are successful in dōTERRA is that despite moments of doubt or discouragement, they simply carried on. They just kept going. They kept talking about the oils, giving people samples to try, following up with people, inviting people to learn more in a class or one-on-one setting, and teaching their team to do the same. It’s that simple consistency that seems to make all the difference; just doing the same small daily right actions over time add up to something amazing. Challenges and difficult moments are normal. My upline once told my team: if you don’t hit a wall from time to time, you probably aren’t doing this right. Everyone in the group laughed, because everyone had at some point or another hit that wall. Then the next time someone in your organization hits that wall, you’ll show them how to climb over it, just like you did. ● Marie Berwald is a clinical hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing childbirth educator, and essential oil enthusiast. Marie and Harlan are dōTERRA Platinums and Canadian Founders. They recently won first prize in the 2014 spring Diamond Club. They love doing this business together and sharing it with others. www.doterra.com 101