Leadership Magazines doTERRA Issue 34 Piel & Stone - Page 4

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond Adheesh Piel & Santoshi Stone BYRON BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUS Some people don’t want to reach Presidential What advice would you give to someone who is Diamond because of how hard and stressful it trying to reach Presidential Diamond? seems. Why should someone want to reach it? Adheesh: Find your Why and share it with your team. Reconnect with that goal daily and believe you can achieve it, even if you don’t know how. Use oils and other self-care practices daily to anchor yourself. Think, act, and feel like a Presidential Diamond today. When you face a challenge, Adheesh: Everybody needs to know their reason why they want to take this journey. Everyone has their unique motivations and their own timing; we’ve learned to respect that on our team. The rewards of becoming Presidential Diamond are huge. Celebrating your leaders and helping them enter the rank of Platinum or beyond is a more joyous experience than being celebrated yourself. Financially you have the ability to give back to projects of your choice. Your influence to make this a better world and leave a legacy has gone to the next level. But the biggest reward is your inner journey—the person you had to become to reach this lofty goal. You will not only become more business-savvy and more creative, but also more humble and wiser. Santoshi: Achieving Presidential Diamond gives you a great sense of achievement. The opportunity to give back and serve is achievable, if you want it. Presidential Diamond gives you the opportunity to influence so many people and create a legacy, which is so humbling. The opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and experience life in a way that you never thought possible is very real. How has this business changed your life? Adheesh: Since we started eight years ago, our lives have changed dramatically. The financial rewards have allowed us to build our dream home near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We travel the world supporting our team, and at the same time enjoying the beauty of different countries and their cultures. We feel secure regarding our own needs for retirement. We are healthier than ever. We have many friends worldwide and feel happy to be a part of such an amazing community. We have gone many steps farther to becoming the best versions of ourselves, even though there is so much more to become and do. What was the biggest hurdle you overcame on the way to Presidential Diamond? Adheesh: It has been a challenge to work together as a team toward a common goal. We’ve experienced a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication, but along with that we developed resilience. You can’t take things personally, and rather than being righteous, why not look for solutions to help the team move forward? 4 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 Santoshi: When we were Blue Diamonds, I had to come to a clear understanding of who we were, so we could develop our strengths and our team through our strengths, and not our weaknesses. The process of achieving this was to dig deep inside and examine myself and my Why. Once I understood this, organic growth came in our personal development, and understanding and looking at the gifts of our leaders. Santoshi: I am so grateful. Grateful that we were given the opportunity to have a residual income, to give back to Cō-Impact Sourcing ® and the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation ® , and to leave a legacy of supporting thousands of people to become financially independent. We have choice in our lives. We can choose to live outside that comfort zone or inside the comfort zone. We have the freedom of choice that we didn’t have in our previous businesses. The only challenge I have is my own mind and my own pusher that tells me I'm not doing enough, but that’s just my journey and my personal development. keep asking, "What else can I do?’ Finally, be ready to forgive yourself and others multiple times on the journey. Santoshi: Don’t give up. Stay the path. Stay consistent. Take care of yourself. Take care of your leaders.