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The top winners from Diamond Club accompanied Emily Wright on Sourcing Trips to Vancouver and Oregon . They visited dōTERRA ® partner growers and distillers to see firsthand
Canada : Arborvitae
“ When I first started Diamond Club , it was about the enrollments , events , rank advancements , and connecting with my team . These are all amazing and essential , but I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend the Sourcing Trip . Touring the distilleries , connecting with Emily Wright , and meeting the leaders of other teams made the trip truly inspiring . I encourage everyone to qualify for this trip because it is something you do not want to miss out on .” — Melanie Boutin
“ On this trip we are able to see , touch , and feel the heart of the company . Seeing the sourcing process firsthand , talking to kind and down-to-earth Emily Wright , hearing from the producers , and learning about the partnership and passion our company upholds really made dōTERRA values come to life like never before .” — Kathy Houle
“ Diamond Club helped my team connect and work together as a team . But the sourcing trip was the crowning event of my Diamond Club experience . Coming out of this trip , we will head home to our team with information and inspiration . We want them to have this life-changing experience for themselves !” — Kristel Imbeault
“ Being on this trip confirmed the true meaning of dōTERRA — coming together and working together . After experiencing this amazing trip , I am excited and willing to do Diamond Club again so my team can have this same opportunity . I want them to feel the joy of understanding what dōTERRA is really about .” — Mylène Vallée .
16 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 Results not typical . Average earnings are less . See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra . com .
NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND sabotaging my efforts and giving up on things before I had a chance to actually Yolanda Koole be capable of them.” ST. CATHERINE, ONTARIO, CAN BEYOND HER BELIEF of my top strengths are belief " T wo and positivity,” shares Yolanda. “In A huge shift took place in Yolanda’s perspective in February 2016 when “I believe in a big God with a big purpose for my life.” make—as if they were only worth the pastor on a small salary. But she was salaries they were familiar with. She fulfilled by her work in the church. many ways this optimistic mindset comes explains, “My husband’s salary was “I didn’t need more money to have naturally to me. I can claim victory over the same as my father’s salary. I didn’t a goal before I reach it, and speak that believe that anyone would ever need to job satisfaction. In fact, I subscribed same truth into the hearts, minds, and earn more than that, nor that we were business of my leaders. But, in one partic- deserving of it. This spark of belief was ular area of my life, I have had immense repeatedly set ablaze by people in my life doubt and inner conflict: money.” who fear wealth and cast judgment on For Yolanda, wealth had a stigma. There people with abundance, me included.” to the belief that pursuing financial listened to Rachel Cruz speak about financial health. She realized that receiving more money meant God trusted her with more. “Wealth doesn’t make you selfish,” she says. “In fact, it allows you to be more generous. Financial health and debt freedom give you far more opportunities to bless other people.” Since achieving the rank gain was sinful.” So, when she began of Diamond, Yolanda and her husband building with dōTERRA, she had a have the ability to bless others with nagging sense that she wasn’t allowed things they need and expand their to succeed. “These feelings stemmed circle of influence and stewardship. from experiences from my childhood seemed to be a glass ceiling on what Prior to starting her dōTERRA and a misunderstanding of what God she and her husband could and should business, Yolanda worked as a youth wanted for my life. I would find myself ® she attended Leadership Retreat and SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP IS SIMPLE “Mentors should know the way, go the way, show the way, and get out of the way. This is something th ]HXXۈHY[\\\]\[[۝HX[HZ[[˂HݙH[Z[\XY\[Z\Z[\HXH\H\x'BY\]XY\\]X] [[BH\\[Z][[YYXXX[[ۙ\[۝]\][]H]K[[۝ [[YH\[[˜[[]YK\][[B[X[YH[[\ۛ[BXY\X\Z\ۈX\\˜\[ HZ[XY\\[&]XYH܈Z\[[Y&]Y[ZH^H\\Y] H^\8'\›]HZ\ZH\]YYH]›ۙH[\H\وܛ[][Y[8%]\[ۙH\Y\B]Z\ۈ^Hو[\\[\š[Z\ۈ[YK'B\[[H]\YۈB]\KH\ZYYHH^Z['[\[]\\\[[H]žYX\][[\YHZH[[B۸&] [H[]HH\و[\YHZH[[H[&] 'H[قܘ]]YHH^\8'H[XYHY[ZBH[H][HYHو^HX[\\BX[[ۙ HY[]X[[Y[[HYH]H[XYH]K]Hۛ\H\]X[ܙH܈YH˂x&[H[\Y\[HY\YBوH[[\]Hܛ 'B1cUTHTSPSPQTTHTSPT БT N[XY\H\[H]\ܘ\B\[\X[ ]\YHX\[\H\ˈYH1cUTHܝ[]H[X\[\\H[[X\Hۈ\KK\KB