Leadership Magazines doTERRA Issue 34 Piel & Stone - Page 28

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS SHOW UP EVERY DAY Bill and Meggen Keefe BOSTON, NEW YORK, USA “We have realized that our job is to show up—show up each day, put in the hard work, and be the best Choose version of ourselves we can be. We do this all while focusing on the dreams we have and focusing on our Why, but the rest is in God’s hands. When it is meant to happen, it will happen.” Resilience team was ready. In the months " O ur leading up to Diamond Club, we Meggen decided to lean in. She dug With this goal clear in her mind, Meggen Stronger for their struggles, Meggen deep. “Through prayer and honest self- set about on a purposeful journey of and her husband, Bill, now build their were on fire.” Meggen Keefe was a Gold assessment, I came to see some limiting self-development. She learned how dōTERRA business side by side. They leader with a plan to hit Diamond at the beliefs that had been getting in my own to better herself as a mother, wife, are brimming with excitement for all end of the program. There was no doubt way,” she says. “The fear of failure had business leader, and person. that the future holds for them. “We in her mind that she and her team were derailed me.” primed to succeed. She says, “Our attitudes were right, and the passion was there. We were consistently meeting and building each other up. There was no possible way we wouldn’t all rank up.” So they threw themselves into the hard work, month after month. Along the way, her faith empowered her Her response? She turned to God, to change. She explains, “The realization searching for the path she felt she that had the greatest impact on me was needed to walk. She zeroed in on giving my doubts and fears to the Lord.” the reason she had first started her Meggen found the key is to give Him her dōTERRA ® business—to help others, fears, to not put limitations on what He while building time and financial is doing in her life, and to allow Him to freedom for her family. guide her, her family, and her team. are looking forward to growing in ways beyond our wildest expectations. We have a great team behind and in front of us, and we are blessed to be with an amazing company.” Images by Shaw Photography Co. But each time she ran the numbers, Meggen slowly deflated. “Over and over again, our hard work wasn’t translating into the success we had planned. I couldn’t believe the gap between where we were and where we wanted to be. I didn’t see how we were going to make it.” As the months passed, her faith fizzled out, and she no longer believed the rank advancement would happen. “And you know what?” Meggen says. “Diamond Club ended and it didn’t happen. We didn’t rank up. It was crushing.” Heartbroken, Meggen began questioning her ability to lead her team to their goals and dreams. However, her soul-searching eventually led her to recognize the choice before her. “I could either give up or I could rebound, refocus, and discover the real reason I didn’t achieve what I had set out to do.” 28 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. doterra.com 29