Leadership Magazines doTERRA Issue 34 Piel & Stone - Page 26

NEW dōTERRA DIAMOND Amanda Walljasper-Tate W HY WORTHINGTON, MINNESOTA, USA BEAUTY IN BELIEF Tena Pettis, Amanda’s upline, had could achieve through this business. tagged her in a new post. That moment shifted her mindset and Curious, she read aloud: “So fun to see one of our own ‘in qualification’ on the incentive trip list!” Below was a link to the official standings for the Incentive Trip 2018 to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Tap, scroll, scroll. Then she saw her name. Amanda’s hand dropped into her lap, and she looked at Doug in disbelief. “I’m in the running! I had no idea!” He smiled, " W big, life-changing story to e may not think we have a share,” says Amanda Walljasper-Tate, “but what we forget is that everyone’s story is made up of countless defining And it was hard work. “I put myself in front of a lot of people,” Amanda says. “I pushed myself to teach 15–20 classes that month. Challenging as it was, my mindset was free of fear, and I was able to zero in on my goals. Doug was there in a moment of self-doubt to buoy me up. That made all the difference.” In the points work. One hundred twenty- from earning the incentive trip that five points would secure her a place propelled her to reach Diamond in on the trip. One hundred fifty would just 11 months. a builder just a few months earlier, and perhaps the initial energy spike and being that sideline voice cheering on her team members. She says, “Sometimes we are paralyzed by fear. that pull you in a new direction and Doug listened, eyes still on the road, shape you into someone better, until Amanda grew quiet. Then he this opportunity to share great things someone new. The sum of those small said something that instantly changed moments is life changing.” her outlook. “What are the dates? I’m One such moment happened for Amanda while driving home with her putting it in my calendar and we’ll go together. I know you can do this.” We are scared to take ownership of with the world—to make our dreams a reality. This is when the people around you can make a difference. Combat defeat by reaching out to positive people. Their perspective will help you husband, Doug, from a business trip. For Amanda, this was more than an see beyond your present challenges. She leaned back in the passenger’s seat affirmation of her abilities; this was her Doug did that for me. I can do that for of his truck and pulled out her phone. A husband embracing a vision of what others. That is our role as leaders—to few taps, a few scrolls, and she was on their life could be. Not only did he believe in people and lift them up until her dōTERRA leaders’ Facebook group. believe in her, he believed in what they they can do it for themselves.” ® “I don’t sell oils; I empower people to live healthier lives.” As a Diamond leader, Amanda loves high-enrollment would taper off. moments—experiences and feelings sharing dōTERRA products than I have heard in my 10 years as a health food store owner. These products are simply awesome, and we are passionate about sharing, so more people can feel the difference." months of hard work ahead. fact, it was the momentum she gained was just a fluke. She had signed on as "Our team is filled with energy and excitement and has grown quickly because dōTERRA ® products work so well. It's really that simple. I have heard more life-changing health stories in the last 16 months since we have been G REW gave her a crystal-clear focus in the eyes on the road, as she explained how earn them both a spot. But may