Leadership Magazines doTERRA Issue 34 Piel & Stone - Page 24

God granted me this opportunity to share gifts from the Earth to solve the problems I didn ’ t really know I had at the time .
friend , Cynthia . The way I saw it , I was trading my career treating mouths and teeth for an opportunity to treat hearts , and that made me happier .”
Cecilia ’ s decision was made , and the new arrangement seemed to be working smoothly until personal hardship hit the women at the helm of Cecilia ’ s office . Cynthia was called away to the U . S . to be with her gravely ill mother , and Kimberly left the office after the birth of her baby . “ The two key people running my office left in the same year , and I felt like my world was falling apart ,” remembers Cecilia . " I was tempted to leave my dōTERRA dream so my dental could survive this crisis .”

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FAITH : We believe that if we trust our decisions to God , He will bless our path , no matter what the outcome . With God there can always be a positive result .
SACRIFICE : We sacrificed time and activities , knowing in our hearts that the time we invest on our business today will return as free time in the future .
ENDURANCE : dōTERRA is not a speed race , but an endurance race . Your Why is the only thing that will help you keep moving through adversity and spark the creativity you need to succeed .
However , after consulting with her husband and partner Jaime , Cecilia knew this was not the time to look back . Leveraging her strength of focus , she pushed herself to achieve the goals with her team and still treat patients in the dental office only once a week . With the help of four bright leaders on her dōTERRA team — Angela , Claudia , Cynthia , and Sandra — Cecilia and Jaime finally hit Diamond .
“ I like to say that dōTERRA came into our lives providentially ,” says Cecilia . “ I look back and recognize that I couldn ’ t have sustained the rigorous work of my dental practice for much longer . God granted me this opportunity to share gifts from the Earth to solve the problems I didn ’ t really know I had at the time . We still have a long way to go before we achieve our ultimate goals , but we are certainly on our way , trusting in our divine Pilot who placed us on this wonderful path .” doterra . com 13
NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS S T A N D Raúl González and Alina Bracamontes GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEX Her Heart Is Her Engine O N Empathy: I communicate and listen with sincerity. Resilience: I don’t take what happens around me personally. Responsibility: I commit myself to my obligations and I execute them with diligence. Selflessness: I truly care about my leaders’ growth. I want them to shine. was focusing on the people and the Alina realized that she was doing Together, the couple strategized to were days when I felt exhausted and I was throwing away my professional joy of sharing, and not the numbers something she was passionate about, achieve their new goals; however, they overwhelmed with negativity, but we had business was not easy. As a social legitimacy. I considered myself a weak or strategy. “At first,” she explains, “my but she lacked the larger vision of were careful not to lose sight of the a goal, and that was enough to keep me development advocate in her country, salesperson and doubted my ability to business looked more like a hobby. where dōTERRA could take her. “It was individuals on their team. “We were running. On those hard days, thoughts Alina’s work with young people had be successful.” I had ٥ͥɅѕ䰁ѥѼЁ͕ɥ́Ё䁉̻ͥtѕѥЁѼѕQ䁽եѥݽձɕЁѡ$)ȁѡɅͥѥɽ)éɕȁѼȁ5QII+ )ɕ䁵հq$()LPH8P L)=䁭́݅́I丁MѕЁѡ)ɕѡ́ѡЁݽձٔ݅ɐ䁉̸ͥ+q5х䁱́$ٕ䁑丁$յͥ䰁Ёѡɔ́݅́ͽѡ)ݥѡѡ́ͥ́ѼЁ5䁕́ݥѥՔѼ䁙䰁ͽɥՅ)ٕаѕѡ$ٔа$ٔɹѡ́ѠѼtQ))d