Leadership Magazines doTERRA Issue 34 Piel & Stone - Page 16

FEATURE ARTICLE DIAMOND CLUB The top winners from Diamond Club accompanied Emily Wright on Sourcing Trips to Vancouver and Oregon. They visited dōTERRA® partner growers and distillers to see firsthand how the oils they share are changing lives from the moment the seed is planted. Some of the attendees share their experiences from the trips. Canada: Arborvitae USA: Peppermint “When I first started Diamond Club, it was about the enrollments, events, rank advancements, and connecting with my team. These are all amazing and essential, but I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend the Sourcing Trip. Touring the distilleries, connecting with Emily Wright, and meeting the leaders of other teams made the trip truly inspiring. I encourage everyone to qualify for this trip because it is something you do not want to miss out on.” —Melanie Boutin 16 SOURCING TRIP HIGHLIGHTS dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 “On this trip we are able to see, touch, and feel the heart of the company. Seeing the sourcing process firsthand, talking to kind and down-to-earth Emily Wright, hearing from the producers, and learning about the partnership and passion our company upholds really made dōTERRA values come to life like never before.” —Kathy Houle “Diamond Club helped my team connect and work together as a team. But the sourcing trip was the crowning event of my Diamond Club experience. Coming out of this trip, we will head home to our team with information and inspiration. We want them to have this life-changing experience for themselves!” —Kristel Imbeault “Being on this trip confirmed the true meaning of dōTERRA—coming together and working together. After experiencing this amazing trip, I am excited and willing to do Diamond Club again so my team can have this same opportunity. I want them to feel the joy of understanding what dōTERRA is really about.” —Mylène Vallée. Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. “This Diamond Club Sourcing Trip has amplified my sense of empowerment, gratitude, and humility. Convention speaks to my heart in so many ways, but this trip resonated with every cell in my being. Emily Wright and the other leaders radiated pure love. I felt pride shining from the smiles of the famers and growers we met. My heart is full! Now I want to pour that love into others!”—Katrina Sakora "The opportunity to visit the farm and meet the folks growing our essential oils was simply wonderful! They are so passionate about the purity of our oils! From the moment I arrived at the hotel, I made new friends. Rank didn’t matter; we were all family, sharing ideas, support and encouragement. There were tears and laughter. Emily Wright took the time to really listen to all of our stories and offer encouragement. Nothing can fan the fire of belief in yourself quite like encouraging words from Emily and one of her hugs! I came on this trip tired from Spring Diamond Club and I’m leaving this trip with my cup full, my heart full, and my fire burning brighter than it ever has.” —Angela Maloney “This trip truly surpassed my expectations. I loved bonding with so many like-minded Wellness Advocates and hanging out with the corporate leadership. We bottled our own Peppermint, met the farmers, and laid in the roman chamomile fields. I will never forget these experiences. What an unforgettable gift!” —Alisha Trask “What an incredible adventure this has been! I made new friends, went hiking, hung out with Emily Wright, sang karaoke, ate tons of great food, and visited our sourcing farms. I have greater appreciation for the farmers and a deeper connection with the process of making these oils. Thank you, dōTERRA!” —Holly Vensel doterra.com 17