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Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Nick and Jeanette Fransen CARLSBAD , CALIFORNIA , USA

What were the biggest hurdles you overcame on the way to Presidential Diamond ?
Throughout this process , I have experienced “ mom guilt ” when I was working a lot and missed moments in my children ’ s lives . When I started this business , I was motivated primarily by the desire to create the financial means to give my special needs son the medical and educational attention that would maximize his growth and abilities . When I did miss something in my kids ’ lives , I just told myself that I was doing this for a relatively short period of time so that in the future I could be completely present for my children . I remained hyper focused on getting my business up as fast as possible . I did a lot of things beyond my comfort level , like speaking in front of a crowd , asking numerous health practitioners and spa owners for a place to hold classes , and traveling long distances from my home . I even slept in my car one night while traveling
6 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 Images by Dominque Labrecque Photo
SEEING HER STRENGTHS IN HER STORY NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Troy and Jeanese Humbert “ My strengths evaluation shows my top five strengths to be activator, relator, harmony, competition, and focus. Replaying and reliving my story, I can clearly see all of those strengths propelling me onward! That’s amazing! WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON, USA T THE PATH TO TIME AND FREEDOM o say Jeanese Humbert had her While grappling with these fears, and spa. “I knew it wouldn’t be easy, hands full was an understatement. Jeanese met the love of her life and but I decided to be upfront and honest A recently divorced mother of two now-husband, Troy. “From day one with my team and let them know what adult children and a soon-to-be he encouraged me to invest in my I was doing and my commitment to it.” grandmother, Jeanese was juggling dreams,” she says. For Jeanese, a With the support and understanding of the salon and spa she owned and new chapter of her life provided the her salon staff, Jeanese split her time operated and renting out her home clarity she needed to fully commit to between her businesses and worked to vacationers. Life was chaotic, the path leading to more time and tenaciously to support both her teams. and yet the business opportunity freedom. A newlywed wife, mother, with dōTERRA ® promised the mis­ and grandmother to a beautiful sing ingredients in her life: time and blended family, she saw the life her freedom. So she signed on as a builder. family could have and her business Although Jeanese was excited about her after-hours oil classes, she was reluctant to tell her employees at the Misbehaven Spa and Salon about her dōTERRA business. Jeanese explains, “I had 30 salon employees 10 goals crystallized. “Building my dōTERRA business became my number-one focus, with the goals of retiring my husband one day soon and spending time together with our five children and five grandchildren.” During this busy phase of her life, Jeanese rapidly blossomed as a leader. Her commitment to her teams and to her personal passion for essential oils keeps her humming along, building up people wherever she goes. “I am so grateful for this opportunity to share these amazing oils. One drop at a time we are making a difference. I’ll never forget this piece of wisdom: someone looking to me for guidance and With her perspective and clear goals, is out there waiting and praying for direction. How would they feel Jeanese was able to truthfully share someone like you to help them— about me investing my time and her commitment to her dōTERRA to give them answers. Never stop energy outside of the salon?” business with her team at her salon sharing your oils.” dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 ” Images by Lydia Messenger Photography R W7VG2BG6fW&vRV&w2&RW726VRLXDU%$'GVGBV&w2F667W&R7V'FFW'&6FFW'&6У