Leadership Magazines doTERRA Issue 29 David and Heather Madder - Page 58

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “Our impact is even more than what we can imagine right now.” Kaliko & Maile Maii HONOLULU, HAWAII, USA TH REE DIAMO N D KEYS MAKE DIAMOND A GOAL. “I saw myself hitting Diamond from the start. It’s inevitable for anyone who commits to the business and doesn’t quit. If you want to have a real impact and serve others, you’ll end up as Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Presidential Diamond.” BUILD YOUR LEADERS. “The key for me was investing heavily in my leaders and helping them rise up to Silver in their own right. This business is about whom you partner with and helping them achieve their goals. Get in the trenches and help them reach it.” fixed in Hawaii. The only way to create As Kaliko and Maile’s business has Service has always been an integral change is for people who care to have grown, they have been grateful for the part of Maile’s life. When she was a new the influence to change things. I see community they have built themselves mom discovering dōTERRA, she felt dōTERRA as a way for me to help uplift as well. Maile says, “Start with an this could be the opportunity to find and set others free financially, so they attitude of abundance, not lack. The fulfillment. She explains, “I’ve always can have the freedom to live their right people will be on your team had a passion for service, and my purpose.” Maile is inspired with a broad because they will be attracted to you.” background is in non-profits, but when vision of how dōTERRA can play a role Rather than focusing on enrolling as I found dōTERRA, I was a stay-at-home in bringing needed change. many people as possible, they focus mom. dōTERRA helped me see the on creating a community that people bigger picture as a way to help people will be drawn to. Maile and Kaliko are and give them a way to change their dedicated to fostering a culture based lives. dōTERRA amplifies how I can give on education, service, and generosity. service.” From here, Maile and Kaliko “I can’t imagine being a mom without oils. There’s nothing like having these tools at your fingertips.” TRUE SERVICE K aliko and Maile Maii were new With the oils, it became natural for still young, but the older two girls parents when they were first us to look for our own solutions. It’s understand that I share the oils to help introduced to dōTERRA essential oils. empowering, and it’s fun.” This has people care for themselves and their They had always been interested in become a big part of how and why Maile families. It’s important to me that they natural solutions and felt this was shares—helping other parents support understand how to serve people and especially important for their children. their families. “It’s amazing to have tools that I enjoy helping others.” When a friend gifted some oils to like these oils at your fingertips. You Maile, she and her husband started have the answers you need.” experimenting with various uses— 58 essential oils as a go-to in supporting difference in people’s lives. In fact, she their health. Maile is also happy that firmly believes that sharing dōTERRA Maile recalls, “We were first-time her daughters see her serving others can change whole communities. “I am parents, and we didn’t know what to as she helps others learn about the Hawaiian, and I live in Hawaii. There expect or what to do in every situation. oils. She explains, “My children are are a lot of things that need to be dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2017 and serving others. “I want to impact my community, and I want to serve people. This is what I need to do.” the dōTERRA products and business opportunity can make a significant every time. are motivated to continue building up Maile also feels passionately that Now, Kaliko and Maile’s children know and discovered that the oils worked COMMIT TO dōTERRA AS A BUSINESS. “We have a well- designed compensation plan; it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Anyone can do it, but not everyone will. You would never expect any other type of business to be successful if you don’t put in the work. This i