Leadership magazine Sept/Oct 2018 V48 No. 1 - Page 5

Association of California School Administrators Volume 48, No. 1 | September/October 2018 Features 8 A comprehensive approach to school safety The Sweetwater Union High School District experienced a marked increase in the number of school threats over the 2017-2018 school year. Now they have developed a comprehensive all-hazards approach to school safety. By John Czajkowski, Sonia Picos and Manny Rubio 12 Columns 7 To Our Readers Real-time concepts and real-world experiences can move education leaders one step closer to understanding school and student safety. By Pete Pillsbury and Dick Loveall 16 Student mental health and wellness: Best practices for educational leaders With roughly 300 high schools in California, protecting the health and well-being of young people is an ethical imperative for all professionals working with students. By Dr. Jeremy Meadows and Dr. Trista Ramirez By Holly Edds Leadership Lessons learned from a high school shooting In 1992, Olivehurst was the scene of a school shooting where four people died and nearly a dozen were injured. Leaders share their experiences of what they confronted that day and weeks and months later. 20 A Practitioner’s Thoughts on School Safety School safety is not just about having a plan. It also includes making sure that staff and stu- dents know how to respond to potential threats. By Dr. Corey Willenberg Find these online exclusives at www.acsa.org/publications: 22 Ensuring Students Feel Safe At School Students at a high-security urban middle school are sur- veyed about school safety before and after the Florida school shooting. By Sarah Benardy and Dr. Regula Schmid The School Violence Triangle An inside look at how mental health issues provide fuel for violence. By Dr. Robert Mancuso Making Schools Safer: It’s the New Normal A 7th grade student that had gone home ill returned to school after lunch, saying he felt better. Instead of going to class, he went to a classroom and pulled out a loaded gun. By Marco Villegas 26 Why restorative practices and community matter more than ever in the era of school shootings Never in all my years as an education did I consider that a new question should now come to mind: How do we as a school keep our students safe from gun violence? By Miriam Singer 28 Addressing students’ social, emotional, and behavioral well-being In Riverside Unified School District parents voice an urgent call for additional social, emotional and behavioral support for their children. By Dr. Katarina Roy Schanz 32 We need a bigger clicker Teachers are our first responders in every school incident. As first responders, we should be focusing on what they can do and what works to minimize violence in schools. By Flip Flippen Have a response to an article? Tweet us @ACSA_Info! September | October 2018 5