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SAP Counseling
The licensed clinicians , called SAP Counselors , contribute to students ’ well-being throughout our schools . With school site placement based on the LCAP priorities , each school benefits from at least a half-time SAP Counselor , with 10 schools assigned a full-time SAP Counselor .
SAP Counselors fill a non-traditional role in the schools by providing individual and group therapeutic counseling . Because they are employed by the school district rather than being contracted through an agency or university , they have become integral to daily school operations and are valued as support and resources by students , families , and staff members . SAP Counselors connect families and students to school and community resources , conduct classroom lessons , enhance school-wide PBIS systems through delivery of social skills lessons and check-in / checkout supports , facilitate Restorative Practices , guide mindfulness in small groups and classrooms , provide prevention services for bullying , violence , and substance abuse , and serve in the critical role of conducting assessments for risk of suicide and participating on site threat assessment and crisis teams .
Students are referred to SAP Counseling services due to experiencing family conflict or turmoil , recent loss , showing signs of depression , and displaying changes in behavior or attitude . Referred students may also be victims or aggressors in acts of bullying , display signs of possible substance use or abuse , have inconsistent school attendance , or a sudden drop in grades . Referrals for counseling come from parents , staff members , peer , or the students may self-refer . The district ’ s school counselors continue to provide vital services to students in the academic , college / career , and social-emotional realms , with SAP providing complementary resources and increased depth in the social-emotional component . After a student began working with SAP Counseling , an elementary principal stated , “ It appears like a heavy burden has been lifted from this student and she is smiling more .”
Additionally , SAP Counselors promote family cohesion through meetings , support groups , and workshops . Their role extends to offering staff development in the area of children ’ s social and emotional needs , including trauma-informed teaching practices , understanding of social and emotional wellness or deficits in children , and consulting with school staff regarding students ’ social and overall emotional well-being . Through their training in Restorative Practices , they provides schools another avenue to facilitate community-building and restorative circles for both staff and students .
A 7th grade student was referred for counseling due to poor social-skills and experiencing bullying behaviors by peers . She was frequently out of class with physical complaints and avoided the lunch area due to peer conflicts . She was referred to counseling and participated in social skills and selfesteem groups . By the end of 8th grade , she attended class regularly , made significant friendships , improved her grades , and received positive comments from teachers regarding her overall behavior and classroom participation .
SAP Counseling is accessible to all students . A Time article , “ Depression and Anxiety in Teens : Why the Kids are Not Alright ” ( Schrobsdorff , 2016 ) highlighted concerns related to depression and anxiety faced by adolescents . In 2015 , about 3 million teens ages 12 to 17 had experienced at least one major depressive episode in the past year , according to the Department of Health and Human Services . More than 2
million report experiencing depression that impairs their daily function . About 30percent of girls and 20percent of boys – totaling 6.3 million teens – have had an anxiety disorder , according to data from the National Institute of Mental Health . SAP provides an avenue to whom these children can reach out . Students and families who might otherwise not seek out clinical services due to prohibitive barriers including cost or stigma can discretely request counseling at their school that occurs on site during the school day , eliminating the need for transportation or billing .
SAP Behavior
About 30 percent of girls and 20 percent of boys , totaling 6.3 million teens have had an anxiety order .
SAP School Psychologists and SAP Prevention Assistants meet a critical need by providing unique services to our schools . The SAP Behavior Team works with teachers and administrators to implement interventions for students in general education who exhibit serious behavioral concerns , including lack of response to school-wide and classroom expectations , deficiency of appropriate social skills , or aggression and withdrawal . An elementary school student had received nine referrals for behaviors such as fighting , demonstrating physical aggression , and verbal instigation of peers . After implementation of SAP behavior interventions , the student received only one behavior referral and demonstrated improved peer interactions
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SAP Counseling The licensed clinicians, called SAP Counselors, contribute to students’ well-be- ing throughout our schools. With school site placement based on the LCAP priorities, each school benefits from at least a half-time SAP Counselor, with 10 schools assigned a full-time SAP Counselor. SAP Counselors fill a non-traditional role in the schools by providing individual and group therapeutic counseling. Because they are employed by the 66F7G&7B&FW F&Vr6G&7FVBF&VvvV7 VfW'6GFWfR&V6RFVw&FFǐ66W&F2B&RfVVB27W'@B&W6W&6W2'7GVFVG2f֖ƖW2B7Ff`V&W'246V6V'26V7Bf֖ƖW0B7GVFVG2F66B6VG&RЧ6W&6W26GV7B677&W762V6P66vFR$277FV2F&VvFVƗfW'b6662W762B6V6֖6V6ЦWB7W'G2f6ƗFFR&W7F&FfR&7F6W2wVFR֖FgVW726w&W2B672Ч&2&fFR&WfVF6W'f6W2f"'VǒЦrfV6RB7V'7F6R'W6RB6W'fPFR7&F6&Rb6GV7Fr76W76VG0f"&6b7V6FRB'F6Fr6FPF&VB76W76VBB7&62FV27GVFVG2&R&VfW'&VBF46V6VƖp6W'f6W2GVRFWW&V6rf֖ǒ6fƖ7@"GW&&V6VB726vr6v2bFRЧ&W76BF7r6vW2&Vf "GFGVFR&VfW'&VB7GVFVG26&Pf7F2"vw&W76'27G2b'VǖrF2Ч6v2b76&R7V'7F6RW6R"'W6RfR667FVB66GFVF6R"7VFFVG&w&FW2&VfW'&2f"6V6VЦr6Rg&&VG27FfbV&W'2VW""FR7GVFVG26Vb&VfW"FRF7G&7N( 0666V6V'26FVRF&fFRfF6W'f6W2F7GVFVG2FR6FV֖26VvR6&VW"B66VF&V2vF4&fFr6VVF'&W6W&6W0B7&V6VBFWFFR66VF6VBgFW"7GVFVB&Vvv&pvF46V6VƖrVVVF'&Ц67FFVB( ėBV'2ƖRVg'W&FVআ2&VVƖgFVBg&F27GVFVBB6R06֖Ɩr&R( ФFFFǒ46V6V'2&FPf֖ǒ6W6F&VvVWFw27W'@w&W2Bv&62FV"&RWFVG0FffW&r7FfbFWfVVBFR&V`&WB3W&6VBbv&0B#W&6VBb&2FFƖrb2֖ƖFVV0fRB熖WG&FW"6G&V( 266BVFVVG2Ц6VFrG&V֖f&VBFV6r&2ЧF6W2VFW'7FFrb66BVFvVW72"FVf6G26G&VB67VBЦrvF667Ffb&Vv&Fr7GVFVG>( 66BfW&VFvV&VrF&VvFV"G&r&W7F&FfR&2ЧF6W2FW&fFW2662FW"fVVPFf6ƗFFR6VG'VFrB&W7F"ЦFfR6&6W2f"&F7FfbB7GVFVG2wFw&FR7GVFVBv2&VfW'&VBf"6VЧ6VƖrGVRF"6662BWW&ЦV6r'Vǖr&Vf'2'VW'26Rv0g&WVVFǒWBb672vF666ЧG2BfFVBFRV6&VGVRFVW"6fƖ7G26Rv2&VfW'&VBF6V6VЦrB'F6FVB6662B6VbЦW7FVVw&W2'FRVBbFw&FR6PGFVFVB672&VwV&ǒFR6vf6@g&VG62&fVBW"w&FW2B&RЦ6VfVB6FfR6VG2g&FV6W'2&RЦv&FrW"fW&&Vf"B677&Ч'F6F46V6VƖr266W76&RF7GRЦFVG2FR'F6R( FW&W76@熖WGFVV3vFRG2&R@&vN( 66&'6F&fb#bvƖvFV@66W&2&VFVBFFW&W76B熖WGf6VB'FW66VG2#R&WB2֖ЦƖFVV2vW2"FrBWW&V6VB@V7BR"FW&W76fRW6FRFP7BV"66&FrFFRFW'FVB`VFBV6W'f6W2&RF ֖Ɩ&W'BWW&V6rFW&W76F@'2FV"FǒgV7F&WB3W"Ц6VBbv&2B#W&6VBb&>( 7FFƖpb2֖ƖFVV>( 6fRB熖WGF2Ц&FW"66&FrFFFg&FRF7FGWFRbVFVF4&fFW0fVVRFvFW6R6G&V6&V6WB7GVFVG2Bf֖ƖW2v֖vBFЦW'v6RB6VVWB6Ɩ66W'f6W2GVRF&&FfR&'&W'26VFr67B"7Fv6F67&WFVǒ&WVW7B6V6VƖrBFV 66FB67W'26FRGW&rFR66FVƖ֖FrFRVVBf"G&7'FF"&Ɩr4&Vf 46676v7G2B4&RЧfVF767FG2VWB7&F6VVB'&fFrVVR6W'f6W2FW"662FP4&Vf"FVv&2vFFV6W'0BF֖7G&F'2FVVBFW'fVЧF2f"7GVFVG2vVW&VGV6FvW&B6W&W2&Vf&66W&26VBЦr6b&W76RF66vFRB672Ч&WV7FF2FVf6V7b&&FP6662"vw&W76BvFG&vVVVF'667GVFVBB&V6VfV@R&VfW'&2f"&Vf'27V62fvFrFV7G&Fr66vw&W76BfW"Ц&7FvFbVW'2gFW"VVFЧFb4&Vf"FW'fVF2FR7GRЦFVB&V6VfVBǒR&Vf"&VfW'&@FV7G&FVB&fVBVW"FW&7F06WFV&W"7F&W"##