Leadership magazine March/April 2019 V48 No. 4 - Page 8

From learning communities to learning networks Utilizing social media/ Twitter Chats to move learning from the local to the global level Most of us would agree that the bells of change have always been ringing throughout time. However, if you listen closely, you will notice that today’s bells seem to be clanging much louder and faster. Or as Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singu- larity Is Near shares, “The future will be far more surprising than most realize: as we haven’t yet internalized the fact that the rate of change is accelerating.” While we may not have completely inter- nalized how the speed and pace of change has increased and accelerated in recent times, we are seeing how it is having great affect and effect on individuals, leaders, teams and organizations. As the military adds, our environments have become much 8 Leadership more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. For this reason, individuals and organizations are having to become much more agile and adaptive, not only in response to the new turbulence of change, but to the shift from “technical” problems to more “adaptive” challenges. As leaders, we are becoming very aware of these shifts and how they are affecting our individuals and organizations, from education to business, from the classroom to the boardroom. More and more we hear the clamor for “21st Century Skills” to better prepare our students, educators and stakeholders for a very non-obvious future. By David Culberhouse