Leadership magazine March/April 2019 V48 No. 4 - Page 7

To Our Readers ACSA Executive Director Wesley Smith Emerging media can pave the way for student growth and success Senior Director of Marketing and Communications/Editor Our role as school leaders is to provide a healthy, safe learning environ- ment for students where they have an opportunity to grow and flourish. It is our responsibility to make sure students are given the tools they need to become college and career ready. Naj Alikhan Design/Layout Stephen D. Long Production Coordinator Emily Agpoon Board of Directors President Holly Edds President-Elect Linda Kaminski Vice President Ron Williams Vice President for Legislative Action Terri Rufert Past President Lisa Gonzales Directors Parvin Ahmadi, Ted Alejandre, Joe Austin, Angel Barrett, Ana L. Boyenga, Daryl Camp, Blanca Cavazos, Derrick Chau, Juan Cruz, Timothy Gill, Craig Helmstedter, Daniel Hernandez, Charles Hoffman, Linda Hutcherson, Sue Kaiser, Lisa Ketchum, Barbara Martinez, Christine McCormick, Michael McCormick, Rafael Plascencia, Jay Spaulding, Victor Thompson, Denise Wickham Editorial Office 1029 J Street, Suite 500 Sacramento, CA 95814 916.444.3216 or 800.608.ACSA www.acsa.org Advertising Office Diana Granger, ad sales rep 530.642.0111 Those tools include technology, which creates a challenge for all of us. Having computers and tablets in our schools and in our classrooms are great. But if we aren’t taking the time to use them effectively and not keep- ing up on the latest apps, programs and trends, all those computers and tablets simply collect dust. Emerging media literacy is the focus of this edition of Leadership Magazine, and I think every day serves as an opportunity for educators to leverage emerging media in a way that benefits students and helps them grow. It helps all of us grow too, because it’s important to realize that emerging media isn’t just social media. In this edition, David Culberhouse from the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools discusses Learning Communities and Scott Bailey of Desert Sands Unified School Dis- trict focuses on making digital media work in school leadership. Susan Denton is the principal at Standard Middle School, and she tackles the issue of social media and the goal of using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your district. Folsom Middle School science teacher Jonathon Robinette has an interesting view on the impact of technology and students. Finally, Hacienda La Puente Unified School is using new strategies to positively impact their students in emerging media. We also have two members of ACSA staff who have contributed to this edition of Leadership Magazine because of their expertise in emerging media platforms. Michael Kelly, who produces our Emmy-nominated Every Student Succeeding video series, shares his thoughts on how you can leverage video to tell your district’s story. Darcy Totten has spent the past few years strengthening ACSA’s social media presence and shares her insight on how district leaders can get their important messages out through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I hope you take some of what you learn in this edition of Leadership Magazine and apply it to the work you do in service of our students. Subscription Information 650.692.4300 or 800.608.ACSA Leadership magazine (ISSN 1531-3174) is published bi-monthly in September/October, November/December, January/February, March/ April and May/June by the Asso­ciation of Cali- fornia School Admin­istrators, 1575 Bayshore Hwy., Burlingame, CA 94010. (USPS 282-740) Annual subscription: $60; single copies $12 (includes state tax). Subscriptions outside the U.S. add $20 ($80 total). Periodical postage paid at Burlingame, California and additional post offices. Articles and advertisements are the expressions of the author(s) and advertisers and are not statements of policy or endorsements of ACSA. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Leadership magazine, ACSA, 1575 Bayshore Hwy., Burlingame, CA 94010. Holly Edds ACSA President March | April 2019 7