Leadership magazine March/April 2019 V48 No. 4 - Page 5

Association of California School Administrators Volume 48, No. 4 | March/April 2019 Features 8 From Learning Communities to Learning Networks Most of us would agree that the bells of change have always been ringing throughout time. However, if you listen closely, you will notice that today’s bells seem to be clanging much louder and faster. By David Culberhouse 12 Making digital media work in school leadership Whether you fit into the classification of Baby Boomer or Generation X, Y, or Z, or any other letter in the alphabet, you no doubt recognize digital media has upped the game in an effort to vie for your attention. By Scott Bailey 14 Telling your story through video If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video could very well be worth a million. The numbers speak for themselves. In the world of social media, video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined. By Michael Kelly 16 Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram – oh my! In this busy digital world, the question for schools and districts is, “How do we keep track of all the social media trends to get our message out to the community, our families and school staff?” By Susan Denton 18 Social media platforms It seems like these days everyone has less and less time, yet communication by those in lead- ership positions is required at a speed and consistency as never before. By Darcy Totten 22 The technological Trojan Horse Not long ago, I could only dream of the instructional wonders of a wireless, technologically integrated classroom. In less than four years, my classroom has been transformed into a veritable digital paradise. By Jonathon Robinette 28 Matching technology with teachers to improve and accelerate learning Through the use of the digital tools technology provides, teachers can incorporate high leverage practices that can result in learning for their students that can benefit them for a lifetime. By Thomas Tan, Joseph Calmer and Ricardo Recinos Have a response to an article? Tweet us at @ACSA_Info! March | April 2019 5