Leadership magazine March/April 2019 V48 No. 4 - Page 32

For nearly 50 years, ACSA has helped school districts and education leaders achieve results that require a change in skill, behavior, and capacity. CONFERENCES: Whether you call it a symposium, a conference or a retreat, people getting together to learn from one another in person is a privilege—and a necessity. Count on ACSA to organize a host of annual gatherings on a variety of topics to advance your leadership skills. ACADEMIES: Academies are prestigious and carry weight. They require serious interaction, commitment, and effort. We bring outstanding leaders in the field to share expertise. You bring the eagerness to learn and network. Together, we’ll set the educational system on fire. ACSA ED SERVICES FULLPAGE WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS: Now it’s time to practice what we preach. We provide the opportunities for you to dig your hands into the details and leave knowing exactly what to do and how to accomplish your goals. CREDENTIALING AND COACHING: ACSA is committed to providing exemplary credential services throughout the state. For teacher leaders interested in earning a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, or those new to administration who need to clear your credential, ACSA works with program partners and CTC to ensure you will receive the quality administrative preparation and support throughout your educational leadership journey. DISTRICT SOLUTIONS: Districts statewide have different needs and preferences for programs. For this reason, specific programs can be brought directly to your school, district, or county office. TO LEARN MORE, VISIT WWW.ACSA.ORG/PROFESSIONALLEARNING. 32 Leadership