Leadership magazine March/April 2019 V48 No. 4 - Page 16

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram – oh my! If we are not promoting the positive happening every day in our schools, then who will? 16 Leadership In this busy digital world, the question for schools and districts is, “How do we keep track of all the social media trends to get our message out to the com- munity, our families and school staff?” We know our students are quite proficient at connecting online, so why shouldn’t we as educators be as well? These digital natives get their news, in- formation and social connections through the “interweb.” So when it comes to con- necting with families and staff, our school and district make every effort to communi- cate through many digital media pathways. Through the years, it has become common- place to get quick updates through Twitter, Facebook and our webpages. We want to make our school as accessible as possible to our community and families. Our district is one of low socio-eco- nomics, homeless and foster youth, as well as many students with disabilities. De- spite their financial situation and lack of resources, we have found that our families typically always have access to a cell phone. Our goal is to meet families where they are. We inform parents of the various ways we share important information, school updates on events and other pertinent topics through digital sources. Too often the community hears from news or social media the misdeeds or mis- steps associated with schools. But as educa- tors, we know that there is so much good news to share. If we are not promoting the positive happening every day in our schools, then who will? Digital communication is so very cost-effective, as there is typically no cost required to share celebrations, updates, coming events and news. Share what is hap- pening with your school, your students, your teachers, and share often. Keeping families connected Following are the various resources we use on a regular basis to communicate with families and staff. For Families we uti- lize a variety of techniques, with the hopes that through the information options, they will stay updated and feel connected to the school. We include how to connect in all home/school communications, including newsletters and fliers. With all of the following suggestions, be By Susan Denton