Leadership magazine March/April 2019 V48 No. 4 - Page 10

opportunity for meaningful conversations around a wide variety of educational top- ics, they provide the space for everyone to add to the conversation and the learning. There is no admission required, just jump into the learning. So, whether lurking or leading in the chat, these spaces are now providing today’s educators and educational leaders with op- portunities for expanding the conversations and deepen the dialogue on a wide variety of topics and subjects that allow for learning not only on a local, but a global level. Educational chats on Twitter not only expand opportunities to initiate leadership learnability through the sharing and gaining of knowledge, they afford us the opportunity to build up and curate our own Professional Learning Networks. Which means that now, ongoing profes- sional learning is not only available, it has been placed at our fingertips, open 24 hours a day, seven days week, from anywhere in the world. As Kevin Kelly, futurist and editor of Wired Magazine shares, “What he thinks is the superskill of the present and the future: learning how to learn or optimizing our own learning.” For which he points out, “we are all newbies in today’s world. Today’s leaders will need to be able to not only initiate their own ongoing learn- ing, but they will need to know how and where to access and curate that learning in order to build up the networks that support and provide ongoing f lows of new ideas and learning. Maybe educational Twitter chats can serve as an optimal space to continue your learning journey and continue to grow your learnability into a future superskill. References https://w w w.bizjournals.com/dallas/ news/2017/02/10/at-t-ceo-randall-stephen- son-your-skill-set-is-two.html ht t p s: // w w w.w e for u m .or g / agenda/2016/08/this-little-known-skill- will-save-your-job-and-your-company/ https://www.manpowergroup.com/me- dia-center/news-releases/We+Are+Facing+ a+Skills+Revolution+and+Learnability+Wi ll+Be+the+Worlds+Great+Equalizer+in+Thi s+Age+of+Acceleration ht t p s: // w w w.w e for u m .or g / agenda/2016/09/these-traits-could-make- you-a-more-effective-leader/ https://www.edsurge.com/news/2014- 04-30-twitter-exec-reports-that-educators- dominate-the-twitter-sphere http://www.creativitypost.com/educa- tion/futurist_kevin_kelly_reveals_the_su- perskill_of_the_future David Culberhouse is the LCAP Program Manager for the San Bernardino Country Superintendent of School 10 Leadership