Leadership magazine Jan/Feb 2016 V45 No 3 - Page 5

Association of California School Administrators Volume 45, No. 3 | January/February 2016 Features 8 14 Columns 7 23 Ensuring social justice and a diverse and equitable leadership 17 Being a culturally proficient school leader is not an option To our readers Preparing educators to ensure the best for students is a shared responsibility. By Tom Armelino Asked & Answered Effective Instructional Leadership Teams can be integral to helping underperforming schools strengthen their leadership, professional learning systems and core instruction. By Brian Edwards and Jessica Gammell 24 Top 16 digital tools for 2016: Nurturing your leadership skills 30 Building leadership capacity through student charters: A reflection Find these online exclusives at www.acsa.org, “Publications”: Developing a leadership pipeline for the future Building capacity from within an organization is essential for continuous improvement. By Laurie Wellner and Tamerin Capellino The key to being a culturally proficient school administrator is having the realization that accepting, appreciating and embracing differing cultures is an ongoing way of being. By LaDay Smith Building strong school leadership teams to sustain reform Leadership 21st century learning requires a commitment from leaders to transform education. By Cindy Costa Education leaders are charged with meeting the needs of all students, and must understand the difference between diversity and equity. By Kenneth Magdaleno 20 What’s the best pipeline to education leadership? Strategic leadership that works: Priority 21 Leadership onboarding: Cultivating top talent right from the start New school leaders need our guidance and support. To better prepare them for success, we must develop and implement systematic and meaningful induction systems. By Perry Wiseman and Gordon Amerson These online resources aim to encourage your development as a visionary, lifelong learner, and a stronger, more compassionate and resourceful leader. By Lisa Gonzales and Geoff Belleau As educational administration students become increasingly involved in ACSA through student charters, their ability to best make a difference in student lives is positively affected. By Katherine Goyette 34 Vision to action: Supporting the most underserved schools 38 I found the pill: If you just take this, we can close the gap! The SFUSD ‘Superintendent’s Zone’ has provided the key shifts in leadership and learning needed to build the capacity of schools for improvement. By Laura Wentworth, Ritu Khanna and Regina Piper Teacher efficacy is paramount to changing conditions for underserved students. Thus, district and site leaders must make it a priority to coach teachers up. By Edwin Lou Javius January | February 2016 5