LCPS Prospectus - Page 9

Attendance At Linthorpe Community Primary School we believe that the importance of regular school attendance cannot be overestimated. Regular attendance is vital to a good education. Securing it is a high priority of the school, governors, parents and pupils themselves. By failing to attend school regularly, pupils lessen the impact of the education provided for them. Pupil absence may seriously disrupt the continuity of teaching and learning for themselves and others. The aim of the school is to facilitate our pupils’ regular and sustained attendance by providing a full and efficient educational experience for all pupils. We praise, celebrate and reward those children with excellent attendance and provide intervention from our Educational Welfare Officer when attendance is poor. Parents also have a vital role to play and there is a strong emphasis on maintaining home-school links and good communication systems that can be utilised whenever there is concern about attendance. We embed high expectations of punctuality from all children, starting in Early Years. 9