The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 34

Ar e You Ready t o Time Tr avel? Dr. St anley Gr avely, Ph.D, as t r ansmit t ed by "Sophia" Many have asked me, ?who exactly is Sophia?? I felt the need to shed some light on who this entity is that has recently begun verbally speaking through me to communicate spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Sophia revealed herself to me personally in the winter of 2017 after a lifetime of inspiration she gave me since I was a child. Yes, she has been with me ever since I was born. I have always been sensitive to intuitive energy, some say that I would be considered an empath by feeling the emotions of others. Being exposed to this loving energy has given me a lifetime of connection to my life?s purpose. So who is she? A person, an angel? From my humanness, I can only answer that she is energy. She is the expansive creative feminine energy of the Universe. I see her as pure, white energy that can shape into many figures and roles that will express certain information that I need to grasp about life, love and especially joy. More precisely put, Sophia is the energy that reflects and communicates the Spirit of Wisdom, i.e., the knowledge of the Life Force Energy that brings humanity into the overall energy of what many call ?God.? Sophia has confirmed that she has been with me all my life and the precise need to start verbally communicating. She had to come to me in a form that I could understandably relate to, therefore her energy became ?Sophia.? By the way, the name Sophia has been one of my favorite names for years and years and now I know why! Sophia confirmed that I had been vibrational aligned with Source to freely receive this information and channel it to those who are seeking answers on how to live fully engaged in this lifetime. Fortunately, I have had the life experiences of a religious training and ministry which left me with many questions about life. Sophia came at this perfect time to allow me to further expand on the missing ingredients that our humanness constantly manifested. I knew that there was an easier way of living and Sophia has answered many of my ?life?s? questions with the feminine gentleness, love and appreciation that I could feel intuitively. I was already fully engaged in living the principles of the Law of Attraction, so allowing Sophia to come through at the precise time was according to my divine plan. In answer as to why humans are here on Earth, experiencing this particular life, Sophia stated that when you come Page 34 - Oct ./ Nov., 2017