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5) Exercise be in both your and his best interests to make that happen. Hope this information helps. As an explanation for your fascination with couples who divorce and remarry, I ?get? you Hi Jul ie, two did just that in four past lives together. I also ?get? you will have other opportunities Ever since chil dhood, I've been f ascinat ed wit h coupl es t hat divorce and t hen remarry each ot her. (future lifetimes) to experience different perspectives of being together, separating, and Back a f ew decades ago, I married a man I absol ut el y l oved named Erik but we f ought al l t he then reuniting. t ime. For t he ent ire marriage, I KNEW we were As humans, we often envision something going t o divorce, marry ot her peopl e, and happening a certain way, in a pre-ordained time event ual l y get back t oget her again. frame, and are disappointed when it doesn?t Anne f rom Osl o, Norway, asked: As expect ed, we have bot h moved on and married ot her peopl e. Bot h of us are st il l married. Recent l y I l earned he has been diagnosed wit h a rare cancer and is not doing wel l . materialize according to our imaginations. If we, however, look at a situation from multiple viewpoints, we usually realize although our paths are not what we expected, the outcome is. Since I'm not in cont act wit h him or his f amil y, I don't know any det ail s and f ear my int uit ion af t er al l t hese years was wrong. And on t op of al l t hat , now his wif e has al so been diagnosed wit h cancer. Perhaps what you?re calling ?getting back together? in this lifetime isn?t another marriage, rather, it?s a simple reunification that involves seeing each other before he passes. It could also include Erik, when he returns to non-physical (spirit) form, having the ability to be around you at any and all times. The possibilities are endless. What do you see f or our f ut ure? It t ook me several years t o move on af t er he l ef t me and I wil l be equal l y devast at ed in t he f ut ure if he dies, I hope you find some comfort in this information especial l y if af t er al l t hese years, I was wrong and hope you have the courage to go see him. about us get t ing back t oget her. Woul d it be weird or unwant ed on his part , if I reached out t o him now af t er al most 22 years, t o t el l him he and his f amil y are in my t hought s and prayers? Thank you f or any insight s. I've been t orn f or mont hs on what t o do. Hi Anne, In order to answer your questions, I energetically connected to you and then from you to Erik. He is indeed dying and is in Phase 8 of the Twelve Phases of Transition. That means Erik is surrounded by angels and the spirits of deceased family and friends. Graphics of the 12 Phases are on my website and are described in my book Angelic Attendants. Erik telepathically told me he?d be delighted to hear from you and to see you, so I believe it would Julie Ryan, Psychic and Medical Intuitive, can be heard on The Law of Attraction Radio Network. The Ask Julie Ryan Show welcomes callers on Thursdays at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT and online submissions that may be answered on the air. For more information please go to Page 34 - Dec., 2017