The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2017 - Page 29

?Remember to spread the love.? Although this sounds simple, it is an important key. No matter what else we do, the more love we can share with others, the more we will change ourselves and the world. There are many emotions that we feel. Love, as I mentioned, is the highest frequency emotion. It is what we are referring to in a heart centered way of life. Lower frequency emotions based on fear: anger, jealousy, envy, rage, and/ or depression are not what we are focusing on. Love and Fear are the two feelings that are polar opposite on the emotional scale. Negative emotions come more from the ego and tend to separate us causing us great confusion. They are part of our journey, but it is essential to learn to let go of their control on us and move instead to the higher emotions of the heart. How do we go about moving oursel ves f rom head t o heart ? Here are a few simple steps to get you going on the journey. 1. Use your Int uit ion. Utilize that 6th sense in your life based on the heart and our connection to the universe. Focus on the heart when making decisions. 2. Medit at ion, Ref l ect ion and Prayer are Essent ial . Make time to be quiet and connect with the universal energy of the heart. 3. Take smal l st eps every day. We do not change overnight. Take small steady steps. 4. Let go of t he guil t . Know that the journey is the goal. Living by the heart is a way of life. 5. Let go of judgment . Let everyone be on their path. Have an open heart. Let go of the mind?s requirement that you need to be right. Speak your truth, but do it with love. 6. Be mindf ul of your t hought s, f eel ings and act ions. Be conscious of the energy you put out there. 7. Lif e is a dance, al ways changing, al ways f l owing. Learn to be part of the journey and let go of expectations. Just try to be in the moment, experience it and let go. Flow with the river of life. Remind yourself of this every day. And as a l ast reminder ? Take it easy on yoursel f .We need to recognize the shadow side that is inside us all and on some level find peace with that side, recognizing that it is part of the journey. To put it simply we have many parts of ourselves that we need to recognize. Life is not always black and white, love and fear, good and bad...there are many shades to our existence. And this dance can change from minute to minute andday to day. This is where mindfulness plays such a key role. By being mindful of this and by recognizing it we can learn to make more loving decisions in our daily lives. With small conscious steps we can learn to operate from the heart. Brian Heat er has been a mindf ul ness coach & counsel or f or over 30 years. He is t he aut hor of 3 books and numerous art icl es. He has st udied al l of t he worl d's spirit ual t radit ions, as wel l as met aphysics and new t hought phil osophies. He has addit ional t raining in eart h-based shamanic heal ing pract ices as wel l as work in medit at ion and mindf ul ness. Al l of t his diverse background gives him a sol id f oundat ion f or hel ping ot hers on t heir journey t owards sel f -discovery and heal ing. Int erest ed in awakening t o your t rue pot ent ial ? Brian of f ers t wo ways t o began. For a l imit ed t ime Brian is of f ering his popul ar ebook "30 St eps t o Conscious Living" FREE on his websit e. For t hose int erest ed in coaching or counsel ing, he al so of f ers a FREE 30 minut e consul t t o new cl ient s. more inf o - www.t ransf ormingoursel Page 29 - Dec, 2017