Laurel County Community Guide 2019 - Page 73

The water slide at Levi Jackson State Park pool is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Are you age 65 or older? Will you be 65 this year? Are you 100 % disabled? If you answered yes and you own property, you may be eligible for the homestead or disability exemption. I or a member of my staff at the Laurel County PVA office can help you determine if you are eligible for this valuable discount on your property tax bill. o nn on c adden, andy urns, ryan Cunigan umfleet, Travis night, Carolyn ar er, endra Cress, oyce ar er, Crystal adden m a ri a Please stop by our office on the 1st floor of the courthouse or call (606) 864-2889. t ai a treet at r a re p a K m The Sentinel-Echo • Community Guide 2019 — Page 73