Laurel County Community Guide 2019 - Page 72

• S UBLIMITY C LUB — Meets at 11 a.m. the second Monday of each month. Call 864- 4167 for meeting place. Meets at noon the third Monday of each month at the church. Group of retired persons who meet at the church for fellowship. 830 South Main St., Director Jennie Baker, 877-1717. The local crisis pregnancy center designed to help women choose life for their babies. Abstinence educator is available, free to schools, Kathy Corry. A 24-hour help line is available, 1-800-522- 2734. Local office open Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from 12 noon until 4 on Thursday. K ENTUCKIANS F OR T HE C OMMONWEALTH L AUREL C OUNTY L ITERACY C OUNCIL K EENAGERS OF F IRST B APTIST C HURCH Tri-County Chapter includes Laurel, Knox and Whitley counties. They meet approximately once a month either in London or Corbin, sites and times will be announced. A statewide citizens social justice organization, democratically controlled by a diverse membership of Kentuckians from all parts of the state. (606) 878-2161 L AUREL C OUNTY K IWANIS C LUB Meets at noon the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Golden Corral. No. 1 priority is children; also assist Come-Unity Cooperative with food baskets. And ongoing projects is providing clothes for 20 needy elementary children in Laurel County. Meets at noon first Tuesday of the month at the Bennett Center location. 878-9134. L AUREL C OUNTY P ARK B OARD AND F AIRGROUND Meets four times a year. For dates, places and time, or more information, contact Jimmy Durham at 860-3247, 657- 1738 or the Fairgrounds Web site: www. L AUREL C OUNTY R EPUBLICAN P ARTY Meets quarterly at various locations. Web site: L AUREL C OUNTY R EPUBLICAN W OMEN ’ S C LUB Contact Gloria Sams at 679-7204. Vice president, Brenda McWhorter, Twin Branch Saints Kennel, London. Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Hampton Inn on Exit 41 in London. A club consisting of Republican women involved and concerned about the politics in Laurel County and Kentucky. L AUREL C OUNTY B AR A SSOCIATION L AUREL C OUNTY R ETIRED T EACHERS L AUREL C OUNTY D EMOCRATIC W OMEN ’ S C LUB L AUREL H OME G UARD L AKE C UMBERLAND K ENNEL C LUB President - Brittany Riley. Call for more information, 862-6000 Meets the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Laurel County Courthouse Community Room. A club consisting of Democratic women involved and concerned about the politics in Laurel County and Kentucky. Call 528-1966 for more information. L AUREL C OUNTY F AMILY V IOLENCE P REVENTION C OUNCIL Meets second Wednesday of each month at First United Methodist Church, 10:30 a.m. A prevention council that works toward improving the services offered to domestic violence victims in the Laurel County area. L AUREL C OUNTY G AME AND F ISH C LUB Meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the club house located on Sally’s Branch. L AUREL C OUNTY H ISTORICAL S OCIETY Meets the second Thursday of even- numbered months at 10:30 a.m. Historical Library, located at 310 West Third Street. Open Monday and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Other days by appointment. 864- 0607. L AUREL C OUNTY L IFE C ENTER , A.A. P REGNANCY H ELP C ENTER Page 72 — The Sentinel-Echo • Community Guide 2019 Meets the third Friday every other month at 11 a.m., locations vary. President Jim Meding, 864-9045. Civil War reenactment group. Meets the second Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m., at the Tourist Commission. 1-606-528-1817. and children in Laurel County. P.O. Box 7, London, Ky., 40743. L OOK G OOD ... F EEL B ETTER Support group for female cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy. Call Charlotte Brewer at 678-0203. M ARCH O F D IMES Cardinal Division (London, Somerset, Manchester, Corbin, Harlan, Bell counties). Somerset office 1-606-679-6514 or 1-877- 424-2144, Michelle Wesley, coordinator. M ASONIC L ODGES • B USH N O . 703 F&AM — Meets the second Friday of the month at 7 p.m. Lodge on Marydell Road. • C.D. W ARD N O . 961 F&AM — Meets the third Saturday of the month, 7:30 p.m. summer, 7 p.m. winter, at the lodge on School Street, East Bernstadt. 843-7020. • L ONDON S COTTISH R ITE — Meets the fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m. McKee Lodge. • M C K EE L ODGE N O . 144 F&AM — Meets the second Saturday of the month and the fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the lodge on West Broad Street, London. • O RDER E ASTERN S TAR , G OLDEN R ULE C HAPTER 111 — Meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at McKee Lodge 144 F&AM, Broad St., London. M OOSE L ODGE Meets 7 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Lodge located on Slate Ridge Road. L EADERSHIP T RI -C OUNTY N ATIONAL W ILD T URKEY F EDERATION , L AUREL L AKE C HAPTER L ONDON C OMMUNITY O RCHESTRA O PERATION UNITE (U NLAWFUL N ARCOTICS I NVESTIGATIONS , T REATMENT AND E DUCATION ) A non profit organization whose mission is to identify and develop the leadership resources in the area to create a better and more unified southeastern Kentucky through trust, respect, commitment and service. Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month, usually at 5 p.m., but time and location may vary. Holds spring, summer, July 4, Christmas concert programs as well as school education programs. Contact Jack Walker at 864-9767 or Jerry Wright at 224-0620. E-mail: londonorchestra L ONDON F IREMEN ’ S C LUB Meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7 p.m., London City Fire Department. 864-2922. L ONDON W OMEN ’ S L EAGUE Mission — to promote and support projects relating to education, culture and philanthropy for the betterment of women An educational organization to repopulate the wild turkey. President Robb Morris 864-6883, treasurer, Marty Williams, 862-4213. Designed to bring together regional leaders, law enforcement officials, health care professionals and concerned citizens to fight the drug epidemic sweeping through the region. Operation UNITE serves 32 counties in southern and eastern Kentucky. Regional office, is located at The Center for Rural Development, 2292 S. KY 27, Somerset, Ky., 42501. 1-606-677-6179; FAX 1-606-677-6055; e-mail, unite@ O PTIMIST C LUB , L AUREL -L ONDON Meets at 7 p.m. each Monday at Optimist Sports Complex on West Ky. 80. Board of Directors meets at 6 p.m. the first Monday of each month. “Friend of Youth.” Involvement with children in a positive CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS