Laurel County Community Guide 2019 - Page 16

er e c Services For all emergencies ... Dial 9-1-1 _____________________________________________ L ONDON -L AUREL C OUNTY C OMMUNICATIONS C ENTER D IRECTOR M ICHAEL H OLT 503 S. Main St. London, KY 40741 Emergency 911 Telephone — 878-7000 FAX Number — 878-7028 _____________________________________________ Ambulance Service A MBULANCE I NC . OF L AUREL C OUNTY 420 W. Fifth St., London, KY 40741 Telephone (Non-Emergency) — 878-6300 Business Office — 878-6301 FAX Number — 864-7409 Website — Disaster / Emergency Assistance A MERICAN R ED C ROSS , S OUTHEASTERN K ENTUCKY C HAPTER A MANDA S HOTTON , D ISASTER S ERVICES P ROGRAM M ANAGER 107 CVB Lane, London, KY 40741 Telephone — 878-6333 Help Line — 1-800-696-3873 Email — Provides first aid training and CPR classes, lifeguard training and disaster training, active during disasters, provides shelters, fire assistance and services to those in the military. C OME - UNITY C OOPERATIVE C ARE (CCC) D IRECTOR — L INDA L IPPS 755 S. Dixie St., London, KY 40743 Telephone — 864-2351 FAX Number — 877-1930 Provides a food pantry, a used clothing store, helps families pay utility bills and rent in emergency situations, helps burned out families get back on their feet, and sponsors a Christmas program for families. C UMBERLAND V ALLEY D OMESTIC V IOLENCE S ERVICES , I NC . C ONTACT — S HERRIE B ALL 3100 Highway 30 Bypass, London, KY 40741 Telephone — 843-2022 FAX Number — 843-2027 Domestic violence shelter serving Bell, Clay, Harlan, Jackson, Laurel, Knox, Rockcastle and Whitley counties. Email— Page 16 — The Sentinel-Echo • Community Guide 2019 D ANIEL B OONE D EVELOPMENT C OUNCIL E XECUTIVE D IRECTOR — M IKE B UCKLES 188 Dogpatch Trading Center London, KY 40741 London telephone — 864-9121 Manchester — 1-606-598-5127 Provides weatherization program, LIHEAP, homebuyers loan program, tenant based rental assistance program and credit counseling. C OMMUNITY A CTION K ENTUCKY Telephone — 1-502-875-5863 Website — Represents the 23 community action agencies that provide social services to low and moderate income families in all 120 counties of the commonwealth of Kentucky. L OW I NCOME H OME E NERGY A SSISTANCE P ROGRAM (LIHEAP) Telephone — 864-9121 Web site — A REA D IRECTOR S HIRLEY B USH Daniel Boone Development Council Telephone — 1-606-598-5127 Helps low-income residents with heating bills, coal purchase and other fuels for heating purposes. Crisis program available. TLC H OUSE /C UMBERLAND V ALLEY C HILDREN ’ S A DVOCACY C ENTER D IRECTOR — P AIGE L AY 1130 E. Fourth St., London, KY 40741 Telephone — 878-9116 FAX Number — 606-864-0853 Web site — Hours — M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Provides services for children who are victims of sexual abuse. Conducts interviews, medical exams and counseling. W EATHERIZATION A SSISTANCE P ROGRAM Telephone — 1-502-564-7514 Daniel Boone Development Council Telephone — 1-606-598-5127 Fire Departments A LLIANCE OF L AUREL C OUNTY F IRE D EPARTMENTS P RESIDENT G ARY W ILKERSON The Alliance meets at 2 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month at the fire training tower on KY 229 at KY 192 in London. B ALD R OCK V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — J AMES A NDERS Station located on KY 1193 — 864-2727 B USH V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — P HIL W ILLIAMS Station 1, Marydell Road — 864-6663 Station 2, East KY 80 — 878-6663 Station 3, East KY 80 — 878-6663 C AMPGROUND V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — C HRIS T URNER Station off KY 229 on Campground School Road — 878-9687 C ROSSROADS V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — G ARY W OODS Station on KY 490 — 843-2252 E AST B ERNSTADT V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — D ARREN P ENNINGTON Station on North U.S. 25 — 843-6511 K EAVY V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — R ICHIE B ALES Station 1, KY 312 — 606-528-8000 Station 2, KY 552 — 606-528-8000 L AUREL C OUNTY V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — T ERRY W ATTENBARGER KY 192 & Wyan Road — 911 L ILY V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — D OUG J ONES Station 1, KY 552 — 878-6957 L ONDON F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF —C ARL H ACKER Station is at 911 Fire-Rescue Drive Telephone — 864-2922 M C W HORTER V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — J EFF C. P ARSONS Station 1, KY 638 — 843-2808 Station 2, KY 472 — 911 S WISS C OLONY V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — G ARY W ILKERSON Station 1, KY 1956 — 877-1029 Station 2, Mitchell Creek Road — 911 W EST K NOX V OLUNTEER F IRE D EPARTMENT C HIEF — D ARRYL B AKER Station 1, Glouchester Ave. — (606) 528-1700 Station 2, U.S. 25W — (606) 523-5016 Forest Fires A RSON H OTLINE — 1-800-27-ARSON (7766) K ENTUCKY D EPT . OF F ISH & W ILDLIFE R ESOURCES Main office, Frankfort, KY Telephone — 1-800-858-1549 T O REPORT VIOLATIONS — 1-800-252-5378 Law Enforcement C UMBERLAND V ALLEY C RIME S TOPPERS 911 Fire-Rescue Drive, London, KY 40741 Tipline — 878-CRIME (878-2746) Provides cash rewards up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of wanted criminals. Callers do not have to give name. F EDERAL B UREAU OF I NVESTIGATION S UPERVISOR — A GENT R ANDY R AY 201 County Extension Rd., London, KY Telephone — 878-8922 H IGH I NTENSITY D RUG T RAFFICKING A REA HIDTA D IRECTOR — V IC B ROWN D EPUTY D IRECTOR -KY — M ICKEY H ATMAKER 400 South Main Street, London, KY 40745 Telephone — 877-2100 EMERGENCY SERVICES