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Audience Demographics Florida’s Hispanic/Latino Market: Ethnicity Hispanic Other 80% 20% Education Current Student Some College College Graduate 10% 35% 55% Household Income $0.00—$50,000 $50,000-$84,999 $85,000-$149,999 $150,000 16% 38% 25% 21% Careers Professional / Executive Operations & Management Marketing & Sales Community Service, Other 51% 15% 12% 22% Marital Status Married Not Married 61% 39% Home Ownership Own Rent 65% 31% Language Spoken at Home English Spanish Bilingual 30% 25% 45% Florida and the U.S. Hispanic/Latino Market The demographics of Florida and the United States is undergoing a dynamic change! 2010 Census Showed the Nation's Hispanic Population Grew Four Times Faster Than Total U.S. Population Demographers have speculated that Florida and many other states will have a Hispanic majority by 2030. More than half of the Hispanic population in the U.S. resided in just three states: California, Texas & Florida. Highlights of Hispanic Growth: · Hispanics contributed nearly 65 percent of the population growth in Florida! · Most dramatic growth in Hispanic population occurred along the I-4 corridor (80% since 2000) · 33% of Florida Hispanics live along I-4 corridor The growth rate of the Hispanic population in that 10 year span was the most significant growth in Florida.