Latin Times Magazine Volume 13 No 2 - Page 9

Thomas “Tommy” Castellano Candidate for Tampa City Council What is your name? Thomas “Tommy” Castellano What Pais are you from? U.S. What is your hometown? Tampa Latin Times: What made you decide to run for the Tampa City Council position? Tommy Castellano: If you have lived in Tampa for more than a day, you know the greatness that exists within this amazing city. It is where my family began their immigrant journey in America. It is where I raised my children. It is where I built my business. We have seen her ups and downs and I know the potential she keeps in her core. I deeply understand the greatness of our city. I know every government can always be improved in the service of the city and all its constituents. This is why I have chosen to serve this city and her citizens by running for City Council in district 6. Latin Times: If you win, what are some of your plans on how you can help Tampa’s Hispanic communities? Tommy Castellano: We cannot talk about Tampa without talking about the relationships with Hispanic America. From the Rough Riders heading to Cuba to fight the Spanish American War to Ybor as the Nations cigar city. We cannot allow for that history to disappear or even fade. We must enhance it. Make it a cornerstone of the growth of the city along with the Italian, African-American and present cultures. I envision a Tampa with a bustling Hispanic community, a thriving economic core and an attitude that serves as a magnet for new businesses and the high paying jobs they attract. I see a government that responds to all its citizen’s eq Յ