Latin Times Magazine Volume 13 No 2 - Page 7

Happy 13th Birthday Latin Times!!! Latin Times Magazine is celebrating another birthday -13 Years ago, we published the very first issue – originally called C.L.U.B., City of Latin Urban Beats, which later changed to Latin Times Magazine and who would have thought all those years ago, that so many years later, that little publication would still exist? I have learned a lot throughout the last 13 years of publishing and of being in business, and I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people along the way! Victor Padilla with Keith David Chamber officers being sworn in Actress Diana Laura signing Autographs Jolie With Marla Gibbs Florence from the Jeffersons in 2006 Doug Williams Jolie Gonzalez and Derek Brooks 2007 Jolie Gonzalez with George Lopez 2010 Parranda W Andy Montanez Y Jolie Gonzalez La Familia with Actor Keith David Yomo Toro Tony Tun Tun Michael Stuart Johnny Rivera with Jolie in 2002 Victor Padilla with Marco Rubio Victor Padilla with Kerry Kennedy in 2010 ()Y