Latin Times Magazine Volume 13 No 2 - Page 6

13 YEARS AND COUNTING!!!! Saludos Floridians.... It took me a little while to write this “Letter from la Editora” because every time I sat down to write it, I would start remembering and reminiscing on 13 years’ worth of memories…. 13 years of meeting great people, 13 years of closing great deals, taking some nose dives, 13 years of helping companies achieve success and 13 years of publications. I was at a loss on how best to say THANK YOU to GOD for making so many of my dreams come true, how incredible is this feeling of reaching this goal…the gratitude inside was enough to make me want to cry! Latin Times Magazine is celebrating another birthday -13 Years ago, we published the very first issue – originally called C.L.U.B., City of Latin Urban Beats, which later changed to Latin Times Magazine and who would have thought all those years ago, that so many years later, that little publication would still exist? I have learned a lot throughout the last 13 years of publishing and of being in business, and I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people along the way. I love being a business woman, I believe it’s what God created me to be, and I believe he has blessed me with many wonderful business opportunities in order to give Latin Times Media a strong national voice. As an entrepreneur in today’s business world, I can tell you that business today is different than when I first started on my professional journey, today there are lots of new players, lots of new rules and lots of new opportunities. As an entrepreneur you have to be prepared to adapt and excel at these new opportunities and change your game plan along the way. Today’s entrepreneur has to wear so many hats, and each of those hats has to “fit” you. It’s tough, I am not going to say it’s not tough, however if you have a dream –you should pursue it. For those of you in the midst of a struggle, let me just say you are on a journey, and you may be closer to reaching your destination than you think, so don’t stop now…. and don’t slow down. Pray for strength, be strong, have courage and if you are afraid don’t let that stop you. The most important piece of advice is to believe in yourself and in your dream, even in the face of impossibilities, have faith that God will see you safely to your destination and that only he knows the best way to get you there. Do you have a dream? Tell me about it –email me at: About the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay As the chair/president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay, I would like to invite you to visit our website at and consider becoming a member of our Chamber, or attending one of our great upcoming events! DO you need to reach Florida’s Hispanic/Latino Communities, Learn more about Latin Times Media, Inc.: As the President and CEO, of this family run business, we encourage you to consider utilizing one of our services to help your company affectively reach Florida’s thriving Hispanic/ Latino communities. As a decade old established minority and woman owned company, Latin-Times Media, Inc., is committed to our clients and to our community, we take great pride in helping YOUR business grow and we host many tools for you to choose from, including, web, print, editorial, email, social media, video, special events such as our world famous Annual Cuban Sandwich Festivals: South Florida Semi-Finals which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 31st, 2015 at Florida Career Tech in Hialeah, Florida, and the 4th Annual National Cuban Sandwich Festival Weekend, which is scheduled for Friday, March 20th, Saturday, March 21st and Sunday March 22nd, 2015. Great Upcoming Events: • Latin American Auto Festival • Hispanic Leadership Awards Gala Check out Latin-Times. com for our great Calendar of Events! Are you looking to promote or attend a great business, community or entertainment event in Florida, then check out our New Statewide Calendar of events on Latin-Times. com and post YOUR Event for FREE in 2014! See you soon! Shalom, God Bless you All! Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla Publisher: Latin Times Media, Inc. Chair/President: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay