Latin Times Magazine Volume 13 No 2 - Page 18

LATEEN KNOWS COLLEGE- THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE REALLY UGLY.. By: Alexandra Posada Mami and Papi have helped to pack the car up to the brim; posters are visible from the car windows along with your mountain of shoes and the life size Orlando Bloom cut-out you’ve had since sixth grade. Mom is holding the tears back (at least trying) and Papi is reminding you to never leave your drink unattended (alcoholic or not!) Overall, they are prepping for their kid to take the next biggest step in their life. Believe me this is one of the proudest moments that they’ll ever experience. Now as for my experience, it was just Mami telling me these things AND some… and a little bit more. Mostly about birth control, watching my whereabouts at all times, and of course before we left the house my abuelita (Nani) gave me la bendición. Then we were off for South Florida. If you are anything like me, you’ll have the worst picazon to get the heck out of there!! (Been there, done that!) The weeks before you’ll anxiously be in touch with your future peers and exchange pictures of what new items you’ve picked up for the dorm and have long text exchanges about how badly you can’t wait to get out of your parents’ house, and how much fun college is going to be! Before you know it, you’re moving in and there is this overly peppy (pill popping kind of excited) R.A (residential assistant aka- the biggest pain in your hall beside the drunkard three doors down.) In your face telling you that you need to get x, y, and z paperwork to housing within the hour, meanwhile they’re trying to be as nice as possible but it comes off as rather fake. Regardless, they will remain to be cute, but seriously annoying. Then once everything is settled in, Mr. Bloom has his designated corner next to your poster of Frida Kahlo and The Great Gatsby. Those damn floral Christmas-ish lights are put up and the bed is made- it’s time for Mami and Papi to head out. Holy Crap. This is where it gets real. I got really lucky that I was a member of a leadership program at my school that gave me an opportunity to network, it all began with a weekend in the woods, bonding over fun-ditory events, crappy bunk beds, and surprisingly good food. At the end of the weekend we were “initiated” into the group by candle lit chanting and eventually a pinning welcoming us into the group of campus wide leaders. Following this ceremony I remember thinking to myself “Okay cool, I know a few people now and we’re going to run this place, sweet!” This was before two things, classes and rowing practice at 4:30am. As the following week eventually rolled around, so did classes and practice. Being a studentathlete is already trying, try being a studentathlete who is simultaneously a student-leader. There are a few who have managed to master it, clearly the force is with them and the Yoda train completely missed me. The first day I was actually so nervous that I was shaking, although I tried my very best to have a cool, calm and unfazed appearance; of which included sweaty running shorts, sneakers and a soaked old regatta t-shirt from high school. It was Monday at 9am and I was lined up to have my first college c