Latin Times Magazine Volume 13 No 2 - Page 14

Pinellas County LEADING FLORIDA LATINOS READ MORE YOLANDA ROMAN READ MORE RAMON HERNANDEZ Name: Ramon Hernandez What is your Profession? Restaurateur Your Pais: Cuba Hometown: Tampa Bay Latin Times: How did you get started in your career? Ramon Hernandez: When my parents opened their first restaurant, I started out washing dishes, and when I was 15 years old, I was cooking the full menu. After pursuing a career as an Architect, at 25, I opened my first restaurant after 13 restaurants later here I am. Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about you what you do? Ramon Hernandez: I enjoy cooking and learning new techniques, then applying them to our recipes it’s the only way to keep up with the Restaurant Industry and whether it’s in the kitchen or within the operational aspect it’s always changing. Latin Times: Tell us about what Pipo’s Cuban Café Ramon Hernandez: Pipo’s Cuban Café is a family restaurant that has proudly served the Tampa bay area since 1979. We offer our traditional, over 30 year old recipes, plus two Chef special daily. The atmosphere is casual and the portions are large at a moderate price. Latin Times: Tell us about the awards you recently won in both Hillsborough & Pinellas County Florida. Ramon Hernandez: This year I’ve won Top local Chef Award 2014 for the Second year in a row, competing against eight other great Local chefs and winning an entry into the World Food Championship 2014. A win in the Cuban Sandwich Festival 2014 for our traditional Cuban Sandwich, and we were awarded by Tampa Bay Magazine, Best Cuban Restaurant for 2014 in Tampa Bay. Latin Times: You were a contestant at the 3rd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival and you were a winner this year winning # 1 in Pinellas County for the Traditional Cuban Sandwich. What does this win mean for you? Ramon Hernandez: Being a winner at the 2014 National Cuban Sandwich Festival Award is the Highlight of Pipo’s History. What’s a Cuban Restaurant with out a Great Cuban sandwich? I’m truly honored by winning. Latin Times: Who is a hero/ role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them? Ramon Hernandez: I would have to say my parent’s. Although