Latin Times Magazine Volume 13 No 2 - Page 11

SURVIVAL: BUSINESS EDITION PART I BIZBLOCK By Victor Padilla Question: How good should my business products/services be? Answer: It is a fact that if your product is of good quality you have a better chance that it will have a demand. Clients are always looking for something they can count on and quality is a great part of putting trust in your business. Clients will not mind paying a little extra if your product and/or service is worth it. Failure comes when your product is not what you portray it to be, this could bring your business to a complete stop. Clients want what they pay for because finances are tight and if what you are selling is not of good quality they will not return. Always make sure your product is worthy of your client’s expectation. If you are interested in Business or marketing consulting to help start a business or bring your business to the next level, contact us: Latin Times Media, Inc. Victor Padilla 813-407-7191 Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla 813-407-6866 Left to Right: Alison Hoefler, Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society, Co-Chair; Fernando Fondevila, COPA Airlines, Commercial Regional Manager, North America; Bill McGrew, Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society, Co-Chair; Joe Lopano, CEO, Tampa International Airport; Chris Minner, VP of Marketing, Tampa International Airport and Tony Jannus Society Board Member COPA AIRLINES CEO PEDRO HEILBRON NAMED 2014 TONY JANNUS AWARD RECIPIENT Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society announces centenary winner ST. PETERSBURG, FL. (May 21, 2014) – Copa Airlines CEO Pedro Heilbron was today announced as this year’s Tony Jannus Award recipient at a press conference held at Tampa International Airport’s newly refurbished Tony Jannus exhibit. Heilbron will be presented the award at a dinner banquet held in his honor at the historic Renaissance Vinoy on October 30, 2014. Dedicated to honoring exceptional leaders in the aviation community, the Tony Jannus Society chose Heilbron as the recipient for this prestigious award due to his outstanding achievements in the aviation industry. Since joining Copa Airlines in 1988, Heilbron has led the airline to become one of the most successful in Latin America. Metro Orlando Area! Northrop Grumman to bring 1,800 jobs, $500M facility to Space Coast The Northrop Grumman Corp. is the company behind Project Magellan, which is expected to create 1,800 jobs by 2020 in Brevard County in the next five years. The code-named Project Magellan is expected to bring 1,800 jobs to Melbourne International Airport, paying an average salary of $100,000, which would pump $180 million worth of salaries into a regional economy closely linked with Orlando’s. Additionally, Northrop Grumman expects to spend $500 million on capital investments, which could provide opportunities for local companies to build and equip the facilities. SAVE DATE! the One thing I have seen and learned over the years is that there are so many businesses that succeed and fail, with more that have failed than succeeded. Why? Well there are some key factors that cause one or another. Before opening a business there are many things you must consider and in this article I am going to share some very important points to help you understand how a business should survive. There are some questions you must ask yourself before you consider even opening a business…. 2014 West Tampa Community Job Fair Presented by State Representative Janet Cruz Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm Location: Higgins Hall, 5225 N. Himes Avenue, Tampa FL, 33614-6623 For more information please contact:; (813) 673-4673