Latin Times Magazine 2019 Multicultural Festival RSVP APP

INVITATION TO JOIN THE 4TH ANNUAL MULTICULTURAL FAMILY DAY MAY 18TH, 2019. 11AM—6PM WE ARE LOOKING TO PARTNER WITH ALL LOCAL CULTURAL GROUPS TO SHARE THEIR CULTURE THROUGH STORIES, HISTORY, CUISINE, ARTWORK, DANCE & SONG AT OUR MULTICULTURAL FAMILY DAY At All Peoples Life Center 6105 East Sligh Avenue, Tampa, Fl 33617 – Video Promo! Multicultural Family Day Unites Community Event will celebrate Cultural diversity with multicultural entertainment and food Caregiver’s Helping Hand, Inc. Multicultural Family Day. Caregiver's Helping Hand, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization. Our Intergenerational Program has been helping local seniors since June 15, 2001. We have established a community service organization that impacts the community at large by 1) teaching youth the importance of volunteering and how they can make a positive difference in the lives of others by helping Seniors with Code violations with the City of Tampa by cleaning-up and painting their homes , 2) helping young people understand aging and ageism issues like how important independence is for seniors 3) We dispel aging myths by having them interact with healthy seniors as well as disabled adults. We are improving lives in our community with positive intervention for youth and support services for local families and aging adults. Our Mission is to always give a helping hand wherever we can in our community. Perfect for families! Richdean’s goal with the event is to bring “Unity” by eliminate cultural stereotypes, break down the wall, and bring a community together for food, fun, music, and dance. “This is an opportunity for the community to come together to learn about each other by sharing the richness of diverse cultures,” said Richedean. “No matter our skin color, our culture, our background- underneath it – we are all the same.” Multicultural Family Day will recognize the unique blend culturally and divers people in the Tampa Bay Area on Saturday, May 18, from 11:00am to 6:00pm at All peoples Life Center 6105 East Sligh Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33617. Hosting the event for the second year is Reginald Roundtree, Rod Carter, Tina Hollywood. Attendees can arrive by car or take a water taxi to this event. A special section will be set up to accommodate wheelchairs. Founded by Caregiver’s Helping Hand and Central Florida Community Planning and Development, Multicultural Family Day will feature performances by Suncoast Asian Cultural Association, The Mariposas Mexican youth dancers, Club Colombia de Tampa Inc., Cukiara performing dance and drummers from Puerto Rico, and Tampa Bay Afrokit performing Chakacha, a dance from Mombasa in Kenya, JB Entertainment, Trinity 7 Reaggea Band and Swing D’Kalle(Latin Band). Just to name a few! Along with multicultural food trucks, there will be many vendors at the special event. “Everyone can come to enjoy food, fun and entertainment that is reflective of the many cultures that live right here in this community,” said volunteer Margaret DeBellotte-Torres ‘Ms. D,’ the Job Coach, Co-Chair of The Multicultural Family Day. “It’s a great day for children and adults to enjoy and experience by joining in the performance and dances with the Bomba Dancers and the high energy Afrofit Chakacha Dance Troupe! The African Fire Dance with Natacha Zamor is amazing see new and interesting things as well as consider the ideas that people come from many cultures and that America is truly a melting pot.”