Lash-Ed Issue 4 October 2019 - Page 8

Asian Eye Styling

Know the difference and style your client better!

I would like to start by describing the characteristics of the Asian eye and eyelashes. As can be seen here, generally -

The eyes are smaller

The eyelid is heavy

Their tends to be a wide

distance between the eyes

and eyebrows

The eyelashes grow


There are fewer lash

layers along the lash line

The average number of natural lashes along the upper lash line is between 80 - 100. This tends to be less than those from Europe who tend to have between 120-150 lashes.

The eyelashes tend to grow downwards at an angle of 80.9° degrees.

The lashes grow at a slightly slower rate too with a daily speed between 0.1mm to 0.18mm when compared to 0.18 – 0.3mm.

The key to styling Asian eyes is

- To understand your clients styling preference.

Around 80% will not want heavy looking lashes.

Darkness or density that covers the eyelid may be too heavy.

- Assess their eyelid so you know its type. There are 3.

- Consider the direction of the natural lashes.

They're often downward facing so care is needed.

- Work with lash layers. Consider your placement to avoid gaps.

This can happen as there are less lashes and layers.

The 3 types of Asian eyelids

1. Single / Mono eyelid

2. Double (crease) eyelid

3. Semi double eyelid

These are Asian terms or description. Older people in Asia would know what they mean, even the men!

By Manami Edwards