Lash-Ed Issue 4 October 2019 - Page 4

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6 Introduction to Styling by Frankie Widdows

8 Asian Eye Styling by Manami Edwards

10 Styling Consultations by Hanna Putjato

11 Styling, it's easy when you know how, by Arune Mooney

12 Styling tips by Julie Knight

14 How Cindy Nicholls creates an award winning masterpiece

15 Meri Antonić's fantasy world

16 Tips on lash mapping by Helga Toth-Halapi

17 See how the Sprit of Yuletide was created by Mai Châu

18 Lashes, colour and styling by Dominique Graupner

18 You're a designer by Inese Stepanova

19 Dimitra Gkouzou talks about whether colour really matters

20 Elena Obukhova shows the Kim K effect created in colour

21 Polina Glebanova on the Kim K trend

22 Introducing . . . some lash artists work

23 Do you HAVE to lash ALL the lashes?

24 World Lash University Class of 2019 winners


26 See what happened at World Lash University 2019!

28 A week in the life of Katie Godfrey

30 It's all about your team! By Katie Godfrey

31 The Cleanest Salon on the block by Sylvia Liu

32 Gabriella Giannini has taken that jump!

33 Extending your treatment list by Elizabeth Grieve

34 Behind the Mask Free online training!

35 Introducing Lash Boss Radio by Shelby Tarleton

36 When is the right time to grow? By Katie Godfrey

37 Standing out and moving with the time by Zoe Mizon

38 To rent or not to rent by Karen Baguley

39 Live competitions by Karen Baguley

40 Choosing the right educator by Tania Withers

41 The VAT attack by Katie Godfrey

42 Reward for investing by Ria-Jaine Lincoln

43 Set yourself apart by Kristina Shepherd

44 Your tech questions answered by Antony Knight


46 Why menopause matters by Diane Danzebrink

48 Menopause: Do you really need to know? By Julie Knight

49 Menopause and work by Talking menopause

50 Get set for success in 2020! by Zoe Thompson


52 Megan's story. When it doesn't go right but viral

53 Who's liable by Lynne Baker

54 The Ultimate OSCAR© by Leanne Harber

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