Lash-Ed Issue 4 October 2019 - Page 36

When is the right time to grow?

By Katie Godfrey

In April it was 10 years ago when I decided to take the leap and open a beauty salon. I look back now and think “I must have been crazy”

- I was 19 years old

- NO client base. I mean, not even 1 client

- Over £60,000 investment to set up. So a very high risk of going under

- Set up in an area I didn’t know

- Low on qualifications

Yes, I was mad!

But I had dedication, dreams, goals, vision and wasn’t scared of hard work or risks.

10 years on and I’m still here. With not just this salon but, a salon franchise with 4 locations, a product range which is sold worldwide and a training academy.

Was it hard? Hell yes! I nearly gave up like 5 times. The pressure was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had sleepless nights.... well as an entrepreneur that doesn’t stop. Not a day off for years, didn’t pay myself for about 3 years. I was totally broke, and worked my arse off paying off my debts and trying to build a client base in an area that had no idea who KG was.

The salon now has won over 14 awards and is fully booked most of the time. We have the most wonderful team and now KG is a brand which is recognised not only nationally but globally.

So when is the right time to grow or what options do you have?

Everyone is very different and everyone has their own dreams and aspirations. Let’s take a look at what opinions there are for you in this industry.

Working from home

This is the perfect way to set up. To start your career without it being any risk to you at all. You can set up in a spare room you have and make it really welcoming for clients and your little hideaway to start your business. Some people even have little cabins in their gardens they turn in into a salon.

This is a great way to work around your family, work your own hours, have no risk at all and grow your client base.

The downside is, your home is home and work! You can sometimes feel very isolated or have no privacy.

Renting space in a salon

This is very popular at the moment.

Another way to grow your client base without high risk but still have to pay rent of the room so you get used to paying some overheads. It looks professional to clients and you get used to being in a salon environment. The downside is, it’s not your salon and you have to make sure it’s completely self-employed without any “employment benefits” otherwise you could get in trouble with the HMRC.


There are plenty of amazing salons that are looking to grow their team. If you are looking into getting more experience and are passionate about treating clients and doing treatments, grow yourself within a salon. No risk at all, do what you enjoy and grow within a company.

Salon owner

Investing in starting your own

salon like I did myself. You

must be ambitious and

determined. Be able to

become a manger and boss

as you will be starting a team.

This is also a great way to

start a brand. Risk is extremely

high and a lot harder than any

of the above choices, but

the rewards once you are up

and established are endless.

So there are your options for

working within the beauty

industry. None of the above

are wrong or right. It all comes

down to what you want for

your life and career and only

you know that as we are all


If you need any further advice on any of these options please feel free to get in touch.

Katie Godfrey

CEO at KG Salons and KG Professional