Lash-Ed Issue 4 October 2019 - Page 35


I myself, am a salon owner with two salons in Austin, Texas; Pink Lady Lash. I have been a solo artist, I have been an employee, I have been a mobile artist, and even a booth renter. Through my experience in each situation, I am able to connect with both my audience and my guests. However, I did not want the show to be about me. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many lash masters and educators over the years and wanted to bring these “Lash Bosses” in-front of my audience. I knew that this would help to push the importance of continuing education and lashing with integrity.

Naturally, I believe so strongly in the future of our industry. Lash artists, educators, and business owners all carry a huge responsibility to keep the bar raised and not allow our industry to lose its value. I try to put the right voices on Lash Boss Radio to help spread this message.

I went with a podcast platform because I knew it could reach artists from all over the world. My goal was to capture the attention of new and seasoned artists alike by bringing on guests they may be familiar with or look up to in some way.

Sometimes artists discover a new lash boss via the show that they may not have otherwise known about before. Artists love plugging in their headphones while working to listen to the stories from the guests on Lash Boss Radio.

The guests vary from solo artists, salon owners, trainers, brand ambassadors, brand owners, and product developers.

Each episode is a little different and the take-away message can vary from story to story. However, the overarching theme in every episode is about pushing through adversity and chasing your dreams no matter how big or small. I tend to ask almost every guest about a time in their life that they were sure, in the moment, that they had failed. Their stories are so inspiring to artists at any level because we all deal with similar issues. It’s nice to see that even some of the biggest stars in our industry have also dealt with comparison, burn-out, financial trouble, relationship woes, etc.

I encourage you to have a listen to Lash Boss Radio

You may find that it motivates and inspires you just as much as it has for myself and many other artists around the world. You can listen on Spotify, ITunes, Google Play, or any podcast app in your phone.

By Shelby Tarleton

Business | 35

I started Lash Boss Radio as a passion project that had the potential to move the industry in a positive direction.