Lash-Ed Issue 4 October 2019 - Page 30

It’s all about your team!

One of the most common things I hear that most salon owners struggle with is their staff. Sometimes it even makes salon owners sell their businesses so they can work from home or start a new career instead as they find it so stressful! Some of the problems they face are staff calling in sick all of the time, no respect, doing what they want, not keeping up to standards, bitching and the list could go on. No matter what business you have, staffing is one of the biggest stresses.

Why is this? Without a team you cannot grow your business. It is impossible to do everything yourself. A lot of salon owners I mentor are doing a full column each day and then working on their business at night. To be able to get the right balance and work on your business each day, rather than in your business you need to have a team. When you have a team you need the time to invest in them and that’s hard to do when working on clients all day.

So how can you build a team this without the added stress? Unfortunately, there is stress and difficulties in any area of business, that will not go away. But, you can make it easier and to have your salon running how you want it to run, but, you need to do the following:

Recruit right. Take your time and don’t rush into hiring the first person you see because you’re desperate for someone! Speak to them on the phone, have a face to face interview and always do a trade test. When you recruit you need to ensure that they will fit into your existing team. Employing someone that doesn’t can cause a lot of trouble with the team you already have. Sometimes I even ask my team what they think and I always take their views on board. Will they represent the culture of your salon and carry out treatments to your standard? Always get their references when you can.

Regular team meetings. These are key. It’s a time for everyone to get together. To have a positive outlook on what’s been happening in the salon and also outline any problems. Make team meetings fun, positive and something that will boost your team. Don’t always make it all doom and gloom about problems in the salon.

Be open. I am always very open with my team. They know what’s going on in business whether it’s good or bad! New things we are looking to bring into the salon or any struggles we might be having in certain areas. They also know important things happening in my personal life. We work as a TEAM, so it’s extremely important they know exactly what is going on, so they can support you and your business. It works both ways. If you have a supportive relationship with your team, then they will come to you with their needs in whichever area they need help with so you can support them. This might also mean extra support on a treatment, or they might be having family problems outside of work and just want a chat. You might even need to offer them some outside help to support them on something they are going through outside of work.

Invest in your team. It’s not just about employing someone and then away they go. You need to make sure you invest time into them. Give your team your time, let them shadow you, let them see how you like treatments to be carried out and customer service to be. Also, invest in their training and education. It takes time to become an awesome therapist. Having a column of clients and ongoing training is going to help this. Keep updated with new treatments and techniques coming in and always get your team trained.

Call them your team. You will never hear me call my team either ‘staff’ or ‘employees’. They are my team. Without them my salons wouldn’t be even half as successful as they are. It’s very important to understand that you wouldn’t be able to do this without working together as a team.

This year we held our first ever team bonding day event where everyone that works for KG got together in a beautiful manor house. We had speakers attend to motivate the team and played team building games. Everyone was given a goodie bag with lots of surprises in and we even held a mini KG awards to show off everyone’s talents. It was such a lovely day for everyone and the reason I wanted to do this was for learning, motivation and most of all to treat everyone and thank them all for their hard work.

We even had our first ever team member, Chloe Harle (pictured with Katie above), reach her ten years of service and I loved rewarding her with a £1000 cheque to thank her for all of her hard work, dedication and loyalty over the years.

So, the moral of the story is, look after your team and they will look after you and the business. Create a culture in your salon for everyone to follow and always keep motivating and inspiring to build up those around you.

Katie Godfrey

CEO of KG Salons and KG Professional