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from the Lash~Ed team!

Hey there!

Welcome to the 4th edition of Lash~Ed.

We’ve been joined by even more talented feature writers. I’m overjoyed to welcome Frankie Widdows, Hanna Putjato, Sylvia Liu, Dominique Graupner, Kristina Shepherd, Inese Stepanova, Dimitra Gkouzou and Tania Withers to Lash-Ed's amazing writing team! They have so much knowledge and lash love that they are only too willing to share. I'm sincerely grateful to them!

It’s been a busy and challenging time since the last edition. I'm not one for laying bare but I'm conscious that this edition is not as timely as I would have liked. Like many readers, I've had to deal with my fair share of personal challenges around family and health - and so it continues!

You'll notice that we have 2 special features in this edition with one being about the menopause. It's something that until you realise you're going through it, you may not have given a second thought. Its impact can be life-changing at the time and many of us consider giving up work, and many do. Our clients and those we work with may be coping with symptoms that need to be considered.

My long awaited operation eventually took place in March (a bit of me putting of the inevitable and a bit of snow making it a super busy time for our healthcare system). Whilst it's helped with one rather debilitating menopause symptom, many others are so much worse now. By definition, the menopause is a day in your life but for 80% of women, it’s 4-9 years coping with anything up to 35 different symptoms. Around 77% don’t know they’re going through it. I didn’t until recently and it explains why I can't work at the level I used to a year ago! I recently become a bit of a Menopause 'champion' and held workplace conferences and awareness raising workshops with a fantastic company called Talking Menopause. To my surprise, our local BBC radio station interviewed us in the studio on their live Breakfast show.

We have 2 experts featured in this edition and 1 shares her incredible story and as a consequence, is leading a campaign in the UK to ensure that education for young women and doctors is in place.

If like me, you think you’re too young for the M word, think again. 1 in 100 will be under 40 and 1 in 1000 under 30. If you know what could come at you, you can be better prepared to look out for you as I'm now having to do! If you're an employer, then you'll need to be thinking about reasonable adjustments for staff as you have a duty of care.

I’ve been involved in a few different things this year. I've taken part in a lot of women’s development events as a guest speaker and facilitated some work/life balance workshops. There was plenty of realisations, tears and hugs! I regularly worked over 90 hours a week for many years with a young family so my 1st marriage breaking down came as no surprise. Lessons learned that I happily share.

I've been privileged to judge a number of online lash competitions as well and featured on Lash Boss Radio and Life of KG podcasts with many of my Lash Idols! My wonderful business partners Katie Godfrey, Zoe Mizon and I have worked tirelessly to organise a sensational educational, motivational, inspirational event called World Lash University and we hosted the first day conference and evening gala in May. I’d love to thank all the speakers, sponsors, competition and award participants and those who came along. You would be very welcome to join us at our second event next May as we have another amazing range of speakers and sponsors. See for yourself at

I said we have 2 special features. I asked readers what they would like to see in Lash-Ed and many asked for advice about styling. This industry has grown for the better as it was more about getting them on okay when I started out rather than thinking about what would suit each client!

As you know, Lash-Ed is all about education and inspiring stylists to be the best they can be. It's created by the industry, for the industry in an effort to truly support it. As a reader, you probably have some amazing advice or tips to share with your lash colleagues. You too can be a writer. You don’t need to be great at it. I have helped many to tell their story or finesse their articles so the only thing that’s stopping you is you! See how you can be published in a magazine by visiting or email me at

Finally, I'd like to take a moment to thank all the writers featured in Lash-Ed who have contributed their knowledge, passion and time to share. I am truly thankful to you and you are welcome to wear your 'as featured in Lash-Ed magazine' badge with pride!

Thanks for reading,

Julie Knight


P.S. Let me know what you would like to see in future editions x


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