Lash-Ed Issue 4 October 2019 - Page 17

Spirit of Yuletide

My name is Mai Châu. I am 22 years old and I work as a lash trainer and lash artist in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. I’ve always had a knack for detailed work, such as needle work or decoration, especially work that involves mixing different colours together. I was very fond of beauty and that’s why when I found out about the eyelash extension profession, I immediately fell in love with it. That is around 2 years ago.

I have entered a few Lash Competitions in Vietnam in Classic and Volume. My hobby is to browse and see other lash artists work in the world. One day, I came across the Fantasy Lash Art Competition on Facebook. I decided to participate so I could further improve myself by learning from artists all over the world as well as fulfilling my passion for colored eyelashes.

The theme was Winter Wonderland. This inspired me to create a piece that could bring out the Soul of Christmas. Its name is Spirit of Yuletide. It describes a reindeer living in a pine forest. That’s why the main colors of my creation are the green of the pine trees, white of the snow and gold of the earth.

For the deer’s head, I went to Dalat, a mountain city in my country with many pine trees to collect suitable branches. I coated them in silver and stuck them on the base of a headband to serve as the skeleton. I decorated it with ornaments such as candy canes, snow flowers that were cut from paper, pine cones that I’d collected and coated, pine leaf wires, a house in the middle, a laurel wreath with a red paper flower and a few reindeers jumping around. All that describes the home of the spirit: In the middle of the forest, in the heart of Nature.

For the dress, I used the same decorations, but with many more pine leaf wires to signify the green element in the piece. And as for the gown, I stitched small colored pearls on it and then decorated it with pine leaf wires.

The painting on the model’s body signified the dried branches of trees covered in the snow of winter. In the middle, the branches go up to both the left and right side, creating the deer’s horn.

For the lashes, I used a D curl in green, white, a little touch of red and pink. I also made small Christmas trees with green lashes and decorated them with small colored stones. All the work took me roughly 2 months to plan the design, try it out, redo, rinse and repeat many times until I was pleased.

Although I was very well prepared, I didn’t think I would win as there are so many other talented artists competing. That’s why I was very happy and moved when I came in first place. I still have so much more to learn. One thing that I leant from this and I want to share with every passionate lash artists, is to pay a lot of attention to the detail in the work. Although they may not appear clearly in the frame, don’t skip them. They’re what’s really worth doing in the creation.

Thank you very much,

Mai Châu

Chau Lash Land