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How to become an excellent Lash Queen

By Dominique Graupner

I have a lot of students. Some are real natural talents from the beginning whilst others are not but they are not too lazy to practice! I sometimes find that the talented ones are too lazy to practice so those who are less talented but more motivated go on to become better Lash Queens than the lazier talented Artists.

From the beginning, I recommend for every Lash artist to:

Search for really good training. Don’t try and save money by doing cheap training. Good coaches do not sell below their worth unless you want to offer €35 eyelashes after your training but this is usually not the goal of a real Lash Queen. Really good training works out to be cheaper in the end.

Make sure that the training is structured and see how other students rate it.

- Does the trainer also post her own work?

- Has she achieved anything, such as competitions or a judge?

- What does she do for her students?

- Does she do her job from her heart? What does she radiate?

- Is she constantly training herself?

It's really important to stay up-to-date as a trainer and to always pass on the best to your students!

It is so so important, that you have support from your trainer after your training. The main practice starts after your training. Ask about support after your training before booking it. The trainer should answer you in one to two days and not after a week. You can see whether the trainer’s heart is in her job or not.

The most important of all is to listen to the feeling in your belly. If you have a good feeling with the trainer, it may be the right training. I had 7 training courses and I learned a bit from them all.

What I always missed though is the ‘HOW should I practice?’. I just heard ‘practice’ - but not the HOW‼ This is what we are searching for. Often I felt alone and this is a feeling what I don’t wish any student.

If you have any more questions, please be not hesitate to contact me via Instagram, Facebook or my website.

With love, your


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