Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 6


from the Lash~Ed team!

Hey there! Welcome to the 3rd edition of Lash~Ed

- the magazine for lash stylists, trainers, suppliers

and enthusiasts!

Issue 3 is a little later than planned as like most

of you, it's been a busy time but very exciting as I

have been traveling a lot! I trained with two idols (Sonja Smatko and Trina Dial Horne), peaked behind the scenes at Glasgow's Lash Battle thanks to Ksenia Karnejenko and Elmars Tiltins though I got more than I bargained for as you'll see! Between a couple of not so well timed holidays, I caught up with friends and colleagues at the Lash Social before being hit with a badly timed bout of sickness that wiped me out for 6 weeks!

On top of all this, I am super excited to announce that for several months, I have been working with Katie Godfrey and Zoe Mizon - two incredibly talented and awesome lash mates. There have been late night messages, dawn phone calls, meetings and many planning sessions - all to bring you the most amazing event and opportunity that is will to be too good to miss!

Welcome to World Lash University! We invite you to enrol and join the Class of 2019! With payment plans available, they're selling fast as they are the most amazing value for money! A full days conference with 12 awesome speakers, 2 course lunch, amazing goodie bags from our generous sponsors, fantastic networking - and it doesn't end there! As darkness falls, the evening awards event comes with a 3 course dinner and gala! Breaking with tradition, ticket holders are offered a free entry to one of 6 nominations with 4 experience levels - so there's a great chance of placing! In addition, ticket holders get a free entry to one of our lash business awards. This has created so much excitement! Will you be our Ms. or Mr Congeniality? See our website at

I'm delighted to welcome Ria-Jaine to the Lash-Ed team. Her expert advice as an accountant is relevant, insightful and refreshing - especially given her beauty background too! She's a true champion of our Domestic Abuse campaign, Behind the Mask and I am so grateful for her support and counsel. I got to speak on the Live Stage at the Professional Beauty show in Manchester this month as it is soon to launch! Read the update and get involved. You can change or save a life and it's simple when you know how.

Don't forget, this is your magazine and you have every chance of getting published and acknowledged as a writer. It can help build to raise your profile and build your confidence. If you need some inspiration on what you could write about, I'll help you find it!

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Thanks for reading,

Best wishes, Julie Knight – Editor

Merlin Callaghan

Lash artist, Trainer, Judge, founder of MLAB, UK

Zoe Thompson

Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coach

Clare Creed

Professional Photographer and Trainer


Lash~Ed Artistic and Creative Director

Antony Knight

Lash~Ed Technical Director

Ria-Jaine Lincoln

Licensed Accountant, Nail Technician, Lash Artist and Champion For Behind the Mask

Karen Baguley

Founder of Arch Angels Beauty

Jamie Butler

Chief Marketing Officer


Zoe Mizon

Founder & CEO High Lash Couture

Award Winning Lash Stylist & Trainer

Katie Godfrey

Founder of KG Salon / KG Professional

Award Winning Lash Sylist & Trainer

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